help i keep getting love letters from peopke i dont even know from a site ive nevr been to!?

here this is one i just got

Ave, my friend

Recently I felt, that what I need is you, my love. I feel that my

heart needs it's second part. It is ready to accept your love and

to be your right friend. So I decided to find part of my heart on

this site. I hope you are here and very soon our dreams will

become true! Read some words and you'll see

who I am.

I think I am clever, kind, honest person. I like when people are

sensitive, sociable and I dislike when person does not keep him promises.

Also I cannot forgive meanness. I like reading everything which may give

me some new knowledge about people, about world: some magazines, some

literature with historical information, biography of famous people or

psychology and so on. As a rule at my leisure time I go in for sport,

go to the cinema, theatre, park, museum or exhibition. I try to spend

most of time out-of-doors. I like nature and everything which is connected

with it, for example animals, I am fond of fish and parrot. I prefer man -

leader who is active, energetic, with interesting personality, clever,

purposeful. I like to be taught by a man and admire him.

Hugs and kisses


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    1 decade ago
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    I spent the last hour researching your case and this is what I found: - is the #1 address on the net for looking up domains. Their info about "" reveals that the siteowner is "Mark Valdimaro" who owns about 921 other domains and is located in Moscow. Besides that they didn't have much additional info, but I followed a hunch and entered the name of Mark Valdimaro in Google - that's when it got nasty. - according to this site Mark owns 131 child porn domains and yes, I found some of them! Of course I will not reveal the actual addresses of the web sites on YA, but I highly suggest to forward those "love mails" to:

    Federal Trade Commission:

    Treasury Department

    Internet Fraud Complaint Center:

    Here's how to do the forwarding bit: click the crtl key and at the same time click the "forward" button to forward a message as an attachment, mac users should click the "apple" key and click "forward" simultaneously.

    Of course you may include my findings, I certainly hope that somebody will put a stop to this guy, the sooner the better!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe it's just spam mail because it does have a web address in it. It's definitely spam if all of the emails come from the same address. Just block them or mark them as spam so they don't keep popping up.

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  • 3 years ago

    I nonetheless have love letters that my ex wrote to me. It grow to be a undeniable time in our lives. I desire handwriting, stamped letters that confirmed somebody care sufficient to deliver. An email love letter? Yuk

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just keep ignoring them. DON'T open them, don't reply to them.

    Keep marking them as spam and if it still continues tell you email providers (e.g. yahoo, hotmail) about it.


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  • stop opening them. and whatever you do, DONT REPLY!!!

    or, you can delete your email account, and make a new one. but that would be a bad idea, if that was your only one, and you couldnt transfer all your contacts and stuff to your new email.

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