Is it possible to insulate a car?

My wife has ford escape and loves it. It's great in the winter, while everyone else is getting stuck including other small SUVs she is able to drive right through, the only problem with the car is it doesn't hold the heat at all. you have the heater on get the car nice and comfortable and then as soon as you turn the heater off it is freezing again, we're talking less than a minute. Is there anything I can do to make it hold the heat better because with the heater on it sucks gas like nobody's business.

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    get the matrix/heater core flushed....they get full of crud and this stops the heat...

  • rotus
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    There are products like Dynamat that are used for high end car stereo installations. You can use something like that to help keep the heat in the car.

    The most likely places you are loosing heat are the firewall and doors.

    The firewall has many holes in it that are run wires and controls from inside the car to the engine bay. Normally, there are grommets that insulate the holes. Make sure there are none missing.

    The doors are supposed to have a plastic barrier between the door 'card' (interior piece of the door) and the door's metal structure. make sure that all the plastic barriers are there. Some people remove them when installing speakers or repairing the door. If they are all there and you still want to insulate the car more, you can use the Dynamat to cover the plastic. It gets pretty expensive though.

    Do not put anything like fiberglass insulation, etc inside the doors, you will mess up the window and door mechanisms.

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    Using the heater should not cause increased gas usage unless it's on defrost. Defrost will make the air conditioner come on.

    You might want to check under the hood to see if air is flowing into the cab from somewhere. Suggest turning defrost off after windows are clear but leave heater on low all the time in winter.

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    You could put styrofoam over the windows, but that makes it hard to see.

    What does IT SUCKS GAS WITH THE HEATER ON mean? An auto heater does not make the car use more gas, like AC does, if the car is running the heat is free.

    If you aren't letting the engine warm for about five minutes in cold weather this is your problem.


    Source(s): Lived in Idaho, know all about cars and cold.
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  • Eric
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    Your heater runs off the vehicle's electrical system and uses as much current as the radio. Your blower motor's usage does not effect fuel consumption one bit as it is powered by 12 volts and the already moving water pump.

    If you have the AC system still engaged then that will add to fuel consumption as well as the driving conditions as vehicles use more fuel in the winter than in the summer.

    Very little can be done to insulate the vehicle.

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    Hard to insulate a car to solve your problem. And no, your heater being on does not use any more gas. It uses the hot water that is in the system already.

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    It would be way easier to have a switch installed to cut off the A/C compressor in the winter and then just run the hear as much as you want. Be sure to run the A/c occasionally in the winter to keep the compressor lubricated.

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    Did you buy your car second hand if so thats the problem, If so I would sue the man you got it off. If it is 1st hand then you might have some thing wrong with your coolant system

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