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How do I Sign up for mypay?

I need to get an LES statement, I'm enlisted in the army and I goto the mypay website and I can't find where to sign up at. Thanks I'd really appreciate it. 10 points best answer.

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    If you access the mypay website through your AKO, then you should be able to just sign on through your AKO. Right above the sign-in box on the mypay section of the AKO there will be a link. If that doesn't work ,then you will need the PIN. In the past, I have clicked the link where I forgot the PIN, and they sent it to my AKO email. You can also call the mypay helpdesk, and they may be able to help you. Good luck!

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    Go to the website, and navigate to the frequently asked questions.

    If I recall correctly, I had to fax a request for a PIN the first time, and that PIN was the last 5 of my social.

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    You need your PIN. If you lost it (it was mailed to you probably) then you can call and get another one. Be prepared for a long wait on the phone. You can't log in without the PIN.

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