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please translate this 'blessing' on a sampler; I am ok with the first several lines but can't work out 'noth'?

Gottlicher Haussegen

Wo Glaube da Liebe

Wo Liebe da Friede

Wo Friede da Segen

Wo Segen da Gott

Wo Gott keine Noth

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    I am not a German but I do know German and here is what I understood of this.Hope this helps.

    Wo Glaube da Liebe-where there is Faith;there is Love

    Wo Liebe da Friede-where there is love;there is peace

    Wo Friede da Segen-where there is peace;there is Blessing

    Wo Segen da Gott-where there is Blessing;there is God

    Wo Gott keine Not-Where there is God;there is no adversity.

    Have a Blessed Christmas.

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