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Does Ohio State play smashmouth football?

So are the buckeyes a run heavy pro style team?

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    To answer your question the style of play they use is more Pro than most college teams. The problem with this is that at the college level Pro offenses are out of date. In the NCAA the DB's are not as good as in the Pro's so passing makes more sense.

    Ohio State uses this system because in the north weather impedes the passing game. Unless they are playing a good team from another power conference their skill level is so high that no matter what style they play they will win.

    People are really unfair to Ohio State and the Big Ten because yes they suck compared to a southern teams while playing in the south but the reason nobody comes and plays them in the snow is because they are the best at that. If a SEC team came and played a team in the snow they would lose by double digits that is why they only play at home or in the south.

    P.S. I am not an Ohio State fan and Boise State should have got the BCS bowl bid instead, this answer was written to be fair and neutral not because I like them.

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    OSU has always been a big run team.That is due to the style of weather that is in the north at this time of the year.

    Most Big 10 teams play this type of ball.That is also why the Big 10 is behind the times when you look at offiense in football.

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    They really don't have an identity. Sometimes they run the spread, and sometimes they run the i. Against USC, the i would have been more effective, but they tried to spread them out and run laterally. I am still not sure why they did that.

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    Yes that is the style Beanie Wells runs and what they do to be successful.

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