Changing account user name on XP?

Hey guys...I need a little help....

I just bought a laptop from a friend, it is running windows XP and the computer is registered to "JohnDoe" I would like to change that name to "JaneSmith" but under account users there is no names listed what so ever.

First question...When the computer boots it prompts the user name and password for "JohnDoe" (no password is set), I would like to get rid of this, or change the name of the user to "JaneSmith" how do I go about doing this?

Second Question....When I go into documents and settings, the folders "all users" and "JohnDoe" appear...For some reason, I cant delete "JohnDoe" there any way I can rename it so under my document settings it list "JaneSmith"?

In others words, to sum up my questions, how in the world to I get rid of "JohnDoe" from my computer entirely?

Thanks for everyone's help in advanvce!!


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  • Lou G
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    1 decade ago
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    delete the john doe account and create a new on on the name you need. When rebooted, just go to documents and settings on c; and dlete the john Doe folder there.

    I could help you to change the name if you had told me what you use. On XP home the solution I just gave you is the only. On pro you rightclick my computer, select manage and in the user part of the managing console you click the user john doe and change the logon name. If you rename the account, the folder in docs and settings remains named john Doe forever.

  • 4 years ago

    First go to the control panel, then on that screen will be a button that says user accounts. On my computer it is the 5th icon down on the first column. I'm not sure if it's the same on your computer though. Then click on an account to change. And click on the part that says to change the name

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, a bit confusing, if you want to change a computer name. Simply follow the link below. If you want to change the user account name or related to profile, I suggest you create a new user account from the control panel -> user accounts and assign it to administrator, after logging in the new account, perhaps you are able to delete away to existing user folder.

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