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3、 無其他討論事項,就此散會。


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    1,Board of directors agree and acknowledge A Company shareholder's exchanges exactly count the new Taiwan dollar of 1 million yuan up to the end of 97 ' Includes B Company and give up to the creditor's rights of C and transfer A creditor's rights of a Company and exactly count the new Taiwan dollar of 500,000 yuan) ,Plan, cover deficit 300,000 yuan, this amount of money, by every shareholder according to the proportion of investment, give up creditor's rights.

    2,The board of directors agrees and acknowledges A Company exactly counts the new Taiwan dollar of 1 million yuan to B Company's creditor's rights up to the end of 97, plan, give up 800,000 creditor's rights transfer C Company.

    3,There are no other discussion items, finish the meeting at this point.


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