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should i join the marine corps?

i really wanna join up. i wanna join up and go career with it. my mom wants me to go to college and be an engineer and so do i but i mean i also wanna join the marine corps. but i mean what if im in a combat zone and i get shot and im dying. and i think of my sisters and my parents and you know i mean that really suck. but ive had alot family in the marines in vietnam and a cousin whos a seal and none of them died and with technology today i should be fine. but i would feel bad joining up. risking my life for an entire country would be a good thing to do. and thats what i want. but my mom wants me to go to college. what should i do? i love the corps, but i love my parents too.

btw my mom reccomended going to college and getting an engineers degree and becoming an engineer in the army. would i be able to go into direct combat operations as an engineer?


and by the way i want to fight. i want to be in a free for all combat zone. thats what i WANT to do.

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    I dropped out of my 3rd year of college I was going to school at OSU to obtain an engineering degree. Now I am joining the Marine Corps I ship out next month to boot camp. I will finish my degree somewhere in California after i'm in the fleet. As of now I will be Infantry.

    My plan is that during my first four years of enlistment I will finish my engineering degree. I enlisted as Infantry, because I believe it will give me a better appreciation for my next MOS. I believe being in Infantry will give me more of a reason to excel in my next MOS. As I may go into combat it will show me how important everyone else all of the support really is. When I come up for re-enlistment in 4 years. I plan to switch to communications as a tactical network engineer.

    During my stay in Infantry I plan to try to get into MARSOC, so if that happens I probably won't be going communications any time soon. I realize though that the chances of getting accepted into MARSOC are slim, and the chances of making it through are even slimmer.

    If your not willing to die for your country I would suggest you not join the Marine Corps. It requires full commitment and dedication. In that situation where you get shot and your laying there dying. Think of your mother, your sisters, and just be proud to give your life for them.

    My mother doesn't even know I'm going Infantry. I've tried to tell her that's what I want to do, but she doesn't understand. She believes I'm going in as communications. I plan on telling her just before I leave that I will be joining as infantry. If I die in a combat zone then it will be the most glorious death I could ask for.

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    Bro that's a personal struggle that you've got to settle on your own. My personal experience was that I joined directly out of high school. I did 5 years, extending for one after my 4 year contract ended. At that point I decided it was time for college, which I attended and graduated from with my BS in Psychology. At the time, the GI Bill was only @$28K so I had a pretty good size bill racked up. I researched my options and came into the Army, who paid off the rest of my student loans. I came into the Marines because I KNEW it's what I wanted to do more than anything else. You have to figure out what it is that YOU want and why you want it. Best of luck no matter what you choose, Semper Fi! EDIT: Sorry about the "bro" comment, I just noticed you're a young lady. My apologies. Also, one thing I did not mention but most assuredly meant to is the fact that I absolutely loved my time in the Corps and it's made me a better NCO in the Army as well.

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    If you are an only child then you should maybe listen to your mother cause it would break your heart if something happened to you. On the other hand, tomorrow is never promised to anyone. If you were to join the marines it would definitely make a man out of you unless you're a natural wimp and you could take up an engineering course in college then join the marines and not be involved in combat unless there is an outright war then everyone is going to have to be involved in the fighting.

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    Kill two birds with one stone. Go to college, get a degree in Engineering. Then join the Marine Corps as an Engineering Officer! You'll get more money and more benefits then if you enlist, plus you'll have a degree to fall back on in case you decide not to make the Corps a career.

    As far as danger. Your chances of dying in a car accident are significantly higher than your chances of dying in combat.

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    Join the marines first, theres an MOS that you can become an engineer

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    Join the Corps only if you've got the stones to follow through & finish.

    Source(s): Semper Fi
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    i am in college and high school at the same time, going to finish the rest of my two years at either UM(miami) or Florida State , or UF, i have been accepted to them just recently, i was informed that i could join reservist and then go full time as a MOS , but thats if i were a citizen, my adivce as a member of your age is go to college, its better the high school, schedule is much more flexible. =)

    or dont listen to me i am just a lost boy who knows lots but doestn know what to do with it.

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    Are you living your life or is your mom living your life. do what YOU want, and if your parents care the slightest bit for you they will be proud. I would also like to add a side note; the word Marine is always capitalized; just something for your hip pocket.

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    Join if it's really what you want, but in terms of the combat you foolishly want to see, be careful what you wish for. It's not the movies.

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    Go to college.

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