Is it foundation trouble?

I am looking at homes and need to know if this is foundation trouble because I have an FHA loan, and I have heard they are pretty picky about the house. The home I like may have foundation problems. The dirt has come away from the back of the home and the small porch has separated from the back door, but the house itself is still on its slab, unmoved. You can see under the house because of this, and the concrete slab is fine. The home is on a hill and the back yard has retaining walls so it makes me think the backyard is eroding. There are no cracks inside or outside the home. Is it a major problem? I will try to get pictures soon.

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    This sounds more like the porch has settled, and not a foundation problem with the home itself. Still you can insist on its being repaired before you purchase the home.

    The most likely repair for this type of settling, would be what is called 'mudjacking', or 'helical pier' repairs. With the mudjacking, a foundation repair company would pump a cement slurry (a thick mud, made of cement) under the porch, bringing it back up to the level it was originally at. This is also a good method to re-level concrete patios, and floors (such as a garage floor). With a 'helical pier' type of repair, the company would literally, dig a small hole, 2 or more feet deep, next to the porch (or foundation, if that was what had settled), and they would install a 'jack' that is operated by filling it with cement.

    These types of repair are usually done by the same business, and this is much more common than it was, say 30 years ago. You can easily find a contractor close to your home by searching for "mudjacking", or using a site like ServiceMagic their link is here -

    Again, this sounds more like a problem with the porch itself, and not the foundation - but a foundation repair company is who you would call to fix it.

    The other option would be to tear off the porch, and rebuild it - if it is a small porch, this might be cheaper than repairing.

    Good Luck

    Oh, just an afterthought here - If you have an FHA loan, then the FHA will send an inspector out to look at the home before you buy it, and they would flag something like this for repairs before they would approve the purchase. If you can see under the foundation of the home itself, then it is likely they would require that to be filled in too.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

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    It sounds like it is just a concrete porch problem............I used to just have a backhoe rip them out and pour a new one.........what usually happen is that the concrete guys forgot to stud out re bar to hold the porch up over the years........we used to do to dig down on the outside of the new porch and pour some piers to support the new porch and also bore the foundation and drive steel into it so it is supported against the house.........then reset a new porch and pour. Nothing to it really, just a week of total time , maybe. If in doubt have a good old carpenter take a look.........he'll probably do it for free. Good luck. One ? for you.........What are the retaining walls doing?

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    If you can see under the house, it might not be a good sign...

    Is the foundation shifting sideways?

    (Inside damages would have been repaired before the home was put on the market...)

    I'm concerned about the dirt coming away from the back of the home; have you taken anyone over to look at it with you?

    I'd ere on playing it safe than sorry; plenty of good homes are on the market right now, I'd look elsewhere.

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    Request a home inspection,get a reputable company.They usually have a keen eye but you can be present when they do to address your thoughts.If this house doesn't fly there are plenty of foreclosures out there you may get cheaper.Oh,and find a agent that will look out for your best interests as well as commissions.

    My Best

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