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Do you guys really feel Sachin is the best of them all?

Recently a question was asked wheather Tendulkar is the mightiest of all cricketers which i dont think so,players like Kallis,Ponting,Hussey,Dravid,Chanderpaul can compete with Sachin at the highiest level.And the worst thing for crcket happened when Bradman was kept 'SECOND' to Tendulkar, iam terribly depleted on that one you know, i hope you guys just think about it The Legendary Bradman Vs a Great Tendulkar, Tendulkar himself said that he is way behind THE DON.Bradman faced the fiercest bowling attacks which Sachin never played against i am truly truly surprised i mean what can i say some people gave such lousy and terrible answers man good freak! if you are a real good fan of cricket rather than Tendulkar you will give a correct and a deserved answer.

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    Sachin's greatness is that he started off as a child prodigy. India is fond of heroes and they lapped him up as their hero. The test match performances do not indicate his absolute domination though. See the other batsmen whose performances are a lot better than those of Sachin Tendulkar and who played in his time.

    (1) Brian Lara: 131 matches, 91.24 runs per match, 9.70 percent of runs scored in the series played

    (2) KC Sangakkara: 76 / 83.63 / 8.50

    (3) Graham Gooch: 45 / 92.8 / 8.66

    (4) Imran Khan: 13 / 62.08 / 7.96

    (5) Andrew Flower: 63 / 76.1 / 8.70

    (6) Md. Yousuf: 79 / 85.7 / 7.54

    (7) DPM Jayawardene: 98 / 79.15 / 8.22

    (8) MEK Hussey: 32 / 88.5 / 7.96

    (9) DL Haynes: 31 / 69.26 / 7.96

    (10) KP Pietersen: 44 / 88.52 / 8.46

    (11) RT Ponting: 126 / 83.31 / 7.18

    (12) Graeme Smith: 73 / 83.59 / 8.02

    (13) JH Kallis: 126 / 78.74 / 7.72

    (14) Sachin Tendulkar: 155 / 80.08 / 7.68

    Now, who has the time and inclination to check the records or follow the game by game progress of each player? I can become suddenly popular by saying that Sachin Tendulkar is better than Bradman and who has the figures to disprove it? See the comparative figures:

    Bradman: 52 / 134.54 / 12.68

    No one can be better than Don Bradman in test match batting. That is as true as Newton's Law of Gravity.

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    Tendulkar has made 41 centuries and scored the most test runs ever. I believe that does make him the best of them all in the modern era.

    It is hard to compare Bradman to Tendulkar, as well as any other modern player. Different eras mean different rules, equipment, attitudes etc.

    Would Bradman be an even better batsmen with the bats used today? Would Tendulkar play his glorious paddles if he didn't have a helmet or sufficient padding like in the days of Bradman? Is the game harder/more competitive today? Do remember the boundaries are shorter now also.

    By the way, these questions have nothing to do with my beliefs. They are purely hypothetical to prove my point.

    Anyways, things like this make it impossible to compare Bradman to any other.

    But yes, Tendulkar has to be the best modern player in my opinion, with Kallis second for his all-round abilities. Sachin is an amazing player, and hence why he is now the richest cricketer today (which he deserves).

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    Him and Lara are probably the best players over the last 20 years but the last 100 years, there are many players that were better than Tendulkar. Bradman is obviously the best of all time, he played during the bodyline series, and during the same era of many of the greatest batsman. It's not easy to compare player of different generations but in my opinion players such as Greame Pollock, George Headly, Jack Hobbs, Viv Richards, Sobers had a larger impact on there generation. Pollock has one of the highest averages, Hobbs score 100 centuries ect.

    Also Tendulker didn't dominate the way they did, over the last 10 years he hasn't being the most prolific player while if he was the greatest, he would need to be unrivaled throughout his career.

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    To q's such as who is best batsman or bowler or alrounder,we are basing answers on statistics and the performence of players whom we have seen.Hence th answers are not absolute.Just for example i have seen the great pak. batsman Hanifmohammad who is the original little master.I have seen Gavasker batting he is the best indian batsman who showed Indian cricketers how to play the fastest bowlers in the world when there was no head protection,i have seen Tendulker being struck on his head many times,those days one hit is enough to end your career like N. Contractor had to. . I have observered that no Indian batsman could stand up to the pace of the w.indies before Gavasker era.,except 2 batsman Polly Umrigar scored 172 not out and Dilip Sardesai 200 plus ,which i have heard the commentry..S Gavasker is better then Tendulker is my opinion. I know 99% will disagree with me.SimilarlyI have not seen Len Hutton,G.Headly,Walcott,Weeks,Lala Amarnath,Vijay Hajare,Vinoo Mankad,i may also disagee with some other person,s opinion as to who is the best batsman.

    Finally , we should not compare any batsman with Don Bradman,he incomparable.All other batsman can be compared among themslves ,as to who is best.The more elder cricket expert gives his opinion ,the more credibility it will have becuse he can compare batsmen of differnt generation..Sorry for the long answer.

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    I think even Sachin would laugh if you suggested he was better than the Don. Some numbers:

    Tendulkar - 41 Centuries in 254 Innings, including 3 against Zimbabwe and 2 against Bangladesh. Only 4 scores over 200, including one against Zimbabwe and another against Bangladesh. Overall average 54.68.

    Bradman - 29 Centuries in 80 innings!!! 14 scores over 200, including two over 300. Average 99.94. Plus, he didn't play a test between 1939 and 1945. That means he played about a quarter of his test innings after he was 38.

    So, if Bradman had played as many test knocks as Sachin, he'd have got about 85 centuries!!! And if he'd played those six years, he would ahve averaged over 100.

    I'm not finished: In Bradman's day, they didn't cover the pitches when it rained, so some of his knocks were on 'sticky wickets'. Plus, his average in the Bodyline series (56.57) was higher than Sachin's overall average. Lastly, conditions now favour batsman to a graet degree: Short boundaries, protective equipmentfor batsmen better than most armies have, one bouncer an over and pathetic bowling line-ups like Bangladesh, the kiwis and the current west indies. God, Don would have scored 600 against Bangladesh. He might have bored himself out.


    I think Lara's better than Sachin: For about 8 years of his career he had to come in at 2 for 20 regularly, hereas Tendulkar often came in after Dravid had alraedy worn the bowlers down.

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    well i feel that sachin tendulkar is a great batsman but Sir bradman is a a single word. No one can compare Tendulkar with THE DON.

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    Yes......Sachin Tendulkar is best of all others............

    He is better than Don Bradman also.Because in the period of Don cricket is an Gentleman's game but think of now negative bowling and other thinks. In this also sachin playing very well. That's why Sachin is best than others...................

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    To my eye, though I really appreciate Sachin Tendulkar, Bradman is better.

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    No doubt that Sachin is best of them all...Bradman was the greatest but Sachin plays in a era which is far more complex than Bradman's time..meaning it was just play in those times but now its about surviving there which Sachin has done successfully and is still doing it as well.

    Source(s): years of cricket observation!!
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    Sachin is not only good cricketer but also very good person , He never speaks for himself but he proves his ability with his bat and as you mentioned Sachine himself refuse to compared with Don Bradman doesn’t it exhibit his politeness ? And that’s the sign of great cricketer …Who is close to Don Bradman in contemporary cricket ? Do you know? It Sachine ,..Its not me but Don Bradman himself said about Sachine to his wife. … doesn’t it enough to you judge Sachine Because who know cricket better than Don Bradman….

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