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Dual Citizenship - Canada/US?

Exactly how hard is it if I want to marry an American and we're not sure which country we want to settle in. Would it be possible to both get dual citizenships?

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    It is a yes / no type of answer. Neither one of you will get automatic citizenship due to marriage. In order for both of you to get dual citizenship you will have to live in each country and meet the requirements for citizenship. Let me try to explain for him to get Canadian both you will have to live in Canada and he will have to meet the Canadian requirements for citizenship. Then for you to get American citizen you will have to live in the US and meet the requirements for US citizenship. I suspect it will be easier for him to get Canadian than for you to get American citizenship.

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    It is taking about 2-3 years before you get a permanent residence visa in Canada, and 1 year in the US. Both countries require a 3 year residence period before you can naturalize as a citizen. So, it will take about 8-10 years before you both can get both citizenships. It can be done, if you want to invest the time and the money.

    It would be better to look at what you both will be doing for work - where are the best opportunities? How about family - would you want to live nearby to either set of parents, or siblings? Do some research and decide which country offers you the life you want, with the fewest drawbacks.

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    First, your father has to petition for you. The petition would be granted on account which you are the instant relatives participants of a US citizen. Then after 5 years of everlasting residency, and in case you do no longer devote any extreme crimes, and you reside in the U. S. a minimum of 6 months out of each and every of those 5 years, you could prepare for US Citizenship. merely deliver quite a few Molson and Moosehead.

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    Nationality is a characteristic of birth. Citizenship is a political status.

    Depending upon one's birth and parentage, one can have dual nationality. Nationality affects one's claim to citizenship.

    A Canadian national may be a U.S. citizen. An American national may be a Canadian citizen.

    Or a national may not claim citizenship, for personal reasons.

    Check your State department for information regarding nationals who choose not to be citizens. You may decide that nationality without citizenship (and its civic duties) is a better choice.

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    YES!! In fact I carry dual citizenship but I was born to 2 Canadian parents while they were on holiday. When I married I petitioned for Canadian citizenship for my wife, (at the time). Seeing I already had US by birth and Canadian by being registered at birth by my parents as a Canadian born abroad I can get either passport.

    I travel on the Canadian one more often though, UNLESS, I am going to the USA or Cuba.

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    Entirely possible. Just takes a while.

    More people will be along with correct (& incorrect) details shortly. :)

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