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HDTV help. Buying guide, cables, HD tuners/receivers?

So im lost. I mean when does the extra spending end? Give me a firm price im tired of add ons and prolongations.

TV price is not bad at all, good deals. But all these add ons have me going crazy. TV original price is 599.99.

But now i found out i have to buy some sort of HD receiver/tuner box and beging using service from a company that offers full HDTV channeling, so what is the price of that, what do i actually need. According to store, my HDTV will give me the same results as my old "tube" TV if i dont do these necessary changes.

And these HDMI and cables? The TV only comes with a power cable. To start viewing true HD quality pictures from my carrier on my TV what cables do i need?

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    TV is not 'magic'. You have to either put up an antenna or subscribe to cable or sat service to get the programming.

    (It's been this way for years - did your parents take care of this in the past?)

    You have 3 main choices:

    - Type your address into www.antennaweb.org and it will show you the TV towers around your home and tell you what channels you might get if you put up an antenna. It will also advise you indoor, outdoor and height. Buy an antenna - install it, hook it to the TV and have it scan for channels.

    - Contact Dish or DirectTV and have them install a dish on your roof and a receiver in your living room. Prices run from $24-$100/month depending on packages.

    - Contact your Cable TV company for HD service. My local company tried to sell me a $75/month package, but basic HD with a DVR runs about $29/month.

    The latter 2 options will give you a box - but you have to have an HDMI cable to go between the box and your new TV.

    Order a HDMI cable from www.monoprice.com

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    First ya gotta change ur mentatlity on this purchase. This is something ur going to be in front of and take pride in hopefully for the next 15-20 years. Buy a quality name brand, i recommend sony, yeah the vizio is a cheap tv but remember what u pay for is what u get, the vizio's picutre quality is no where near the same as sony or samsung and the sonys will last twice as long and keep its colors. So if ur paying the extra 200 on the tv its definetly worth it. The add ons are something ya gotta get, HDMI cables are a must and u can get em at like 21 bucks at a sony outlet. Next is ur cable company, yes u need a new hd cable box, run ur hdmi cable to ur tv from ur cable box. I recommend a Sony W series or XBR series. Definetly get urself a blu ray player, ppl jabber all the time how a 1080p is the way to go but if u buy a tv thats 1080 and dont get a blu ray player, then wut the hell did u spend the extra money for a 1080 tv if u cant get anything thats 1080p over the cable box. Only way u can get 1080p is through blu ray or hd-dvd. GOOD luck man and dont always think ur spending or gettin scammed in for another 200 bucks when this tv is going to last longer than ur car!!!

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    Vizio tv is good and you can find HDMI cords for as low as 25.00

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