Silverfish insect problem?

I have these little "silverfish" insects that mainly habitate my closet. They will eat holes in my clothing and really can be a pain. Anyone have any ideas on how to kill them without using poison or moth balls? Thanks in advance!

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  • KitKat
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    1 decade ago
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    take everything out of the closet and start at the bottom -seal all cracks. now, do the same with the rest of your home indoors & out! get a good vacuum to suck up what remains & empty the bag or canister when done.

  • Don
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    1 decade ago

    Diatomaceous earth is a good non-toxic control for any crawling insects, including silverfish. Also, silverfish thrive with moisture, so anything you can do to dry things up helps with silverfish control. If your house has a raised foundation, make sure there's lots of ventilation, and spray diatomaceous earth under there, too.

  • 4 years ago

    Sprinkle total, not floor, cloves the place you have silverfish. curiously, they don't in basic terms like the fragrance and could flow away you (and your house) on my own. Boric Acid that's low priced & it lasts as long because it does not get damp. that's a powder that is poured into cracks, dusted decrease than sinks, and blown decrease than the range & refrigerator. you will desire to purchase it at maximum hardware shops. basically purchase a plastic picnic ketchup/mustard bottle with a pointed appropriate that closes. This works basically right for procuring it into the tight locations that it needs to flow. If the powder receives damp, basically reapply. it is going to take some weeks for each and all the bugs to die, yet you probable won't see them back. The powder sticks to their legs and then they drag it back into their nests the place it kills others as nicely. Newspapers? One trick that help me replaced into to moisten a newspaper (so as that it replaced into damp yet not soaking) roll up the newspaper and tie it with an elastic. do this at evening and the subsequent morning slowly open up the newspaper (it could be packed with silverfish) subsequent the two burn the newspaper or empty right into a garbage can outdoors the dwelling house. do this each and every evening till the newspaper not has any silverfish in it. close Your Drains save your drains closed whilst they are not in use. try sprinkling time-honored table salt around your baseboards and all drain pipes and different cracks and crevices. as nicely being low priced, salt isn't as risky as different insecticides to infants and pets in the event that they'd desire to come into touch with it. of direction you will would desire to repeat this from time to time. in case you have infants interior the dwelling house, its not recommended to apply Boric Acid.

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