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Should Chris Benoit Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame?

I personally think he should. Sure, he went out in the worst way possible. But, it's not the Life Decisions Hall Of Fame, it's the World WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT Hall Of Fame. And last time I checked, he was an amazing wrestler, and there's no doubt he was entertaining.

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    Chris Benoit accomplished what hardly any other WWE superstar had ever achieved, he was just so good at wrestling that he became WWE champion. This was the type of guy who was lacking great charisma or mic skills, but he was just so good at wrestling that Vince decided to make him WWE champion, Benoit was just a fantastic grappler, hands down!

    So he should definitely be in the Hall of Fame since Vince is judging him on what happened outside the ring instead of soley basing it on what happened in the ring, and Vince should just base it on his wrestling life, so Chris Benoit should definitely be in the WWE Hall of Fame!

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    Yes; I 100% agree with you. Chris deserves to be in HoF. Forget what happened; when it comes to thinking of him as a wrestler. He was amazing he had a talent and he was a great technical wrestler. Just because of what happened WWE should not completely forget about him. He deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame. He had a long career in which he earned what he deserved. WWE should induct Chris Benoit in the 2009 Hall Of Fame Induction. (:

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    The hall of fame is about wrestling. He was one of the BEST PURE WRESTLERS EVER. And nobody can say otherwise. He is one of the few champs ever that wasnt great on the mic, but great in the ring. Not vise versa like most champs of today (eg Cena) Hell, he was just one of the best wrestlers ever.

    What he did to his family can never be forgiven, and that itself is a terrible thing.

    He should be in the Hall of Fame, but with an asterisk *

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    Being in the hall of fame does not require a superstar's personal life. For me, it is about how he entertained audience in the past, how he brought impact to their lives, and how he inspired people. Chris Benoit was one of those stars, regardless of what he did that brought him into sudden death. He deserves to be in the hall of fame... That is his final stand.

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    He is an amazing wrestler but after what he did I'm pretty much sure that the WWE won't take that chance because of the public opinion, it could give the WWE a bad image. But indeed for wrestling skills and career he deserve it.

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    yes with out a doubt he should be in the hall of fame, i know a lot of people say he should'nt cos of wot he did but no1 knows wot happend that night and imo for how great a wrestler he was he deserves to be in the hall of fame

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    Although he did so much during his career, he will never be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Think about it, if WWE will go through so much trouble to edit him out of all of his matches with Eddie Guerrero in Guerrero's new DVD collection, they will never put him in the Hall of Fame.

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    i Agree with Every single Word you Said.

    Its Not the way he Left

    Its the way he wrestled.

    R.I.P To all Dead Superstars/Legends

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    He was an awesome performer in the ring and deserves the your respect for his skills...

    BUT... the guy killed his wife and CHILD!!!

    So if I were running the HOF, he wouldn't be on my list.

    What if he were still alive and had only been convicted of say.... child molestation; would you want him in then?

    Let the punishment fit the crime... No HOF for the Rabid Wolverine!!!

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