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How is Jacob Marley And Scrooge Alike (Different)?

I need a few ways these 2 characters (From A Christmas Carol) are the same and different.

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    at the start of the book they are very similar - both grasping, mean, grumpy and inconsiderate

    by the end of the book scrooge has reformed and is a kind, generous, funloving man

    I think it sad that his name is still synonymous with miserly characteristics - it should be the exact opposite - scrooge learned the error of his ways and became a benevolent man who should be looked up to not despised

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      Well, remember, for most of the book, until Stave 5, he does have those miserly characteristics his name is associated with.

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    In the beginning, they are different because Marley is a good person (kind, caring, etc.) and Scrooge is greedy, rude, pessimistic, and, well, a Scrooge.

    In the end Scrooge is the same as Marley was in the beginning, and is no longer a 'Scrooge.'

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