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Assign the person(s) listed below the percentage of responsibility you belive they shud bear for the holocaust?

okay i need different ideas about this. After you have made the designations of responsibilty for each person(s), pease provide why you assigned that amount and it should all add up to 100%. thank you!

1) Residents o Auschwitz and other towns near concentration camps who knew about the camps but did nothing to stop them.

2) Minor Nazi soldiers who carried out the mass extermination orders without questioning their superiors.

3) Hitler, the leader of the German nation who hated Jews and wanted them destroyed.

4) German citizens who voted for Hitler and the Nazi Party to revitalize their morally and economically depressed country.

5) the Jews who dd not try to escape.

6) top SS officers who designed and executed the "FINAL RESOLUTION" for Hitler

7) non-Jewish europeans who turned against their Jewish friends and fellow citizens for fear that they too would be imprisoned as Jewish sympathizers.

8) leaders of the allied countries who saw evidence of the Holocaust but refused to get involved or voice opposition to Hitler's plan of extermination.

9) churches of all denominations who remained silent and refused to intervene when confronted with evidence of the Holocaust.

10) Yahweh, the God of the Jewish faith, who seemed absent and silent during this destruction of His chosen people.

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  • zaT
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    1 decade ago
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    6) 60% Not only did they enable Hitler but it was most often their ideas and not his. They pushed many of their ideas through, presenting them in a way they knew that Hitler would like, but it was still their ideas.

    3) 30% He did give the orders after all... and he was a fanatic.

    8) 10% Not only did they know but they actually hid the evidence of it. They could have acted sooner but they chose to not do so.

    People in general didn't know about the holocaust. They knew of the concentration camps and most of them were anti-Semitic as most non Semitic people in Europe was at that time, but they didn't know what happened to the prisoners of the concentration camps. So, please don't mix the two. There were of course those who knew, especially at the end of the war, but you can't clump them in with all the others. That's like saying that all Americans are guilty of killing civilians in Afghanistan as a revenge for 9/11 and that they all agreed on it and supported it, it's simply not true.

    1) Concentration camps (In some sort, form or way) in war times are common and they don't mean holocaust, there is a difference and you can't expect that people that had never even imagined such a thing would know. Yes, a few did know after a while, but you can't blame them all.

    2) Soldiers don't question their authorities not matter what army the serve. They do their job in the non questioning mentality they are trained in. Once again, there were those who enjoyed what they did and felt it right, especially those who worked the camps, but you can't compare them to those who were at the front line. Many of the soldiers that wasn't in the camps didn't know about the holocaust either, they only knew about the camps, a very "normal" war occurrence.

    4) No way that you can blame people for wanting a better life. If you do then every person who happens to vote for a bad politician is equal to the sins of the politician. They didn't vote for the holocaust the thoughts of it didn't really exist at that time.

    5) That's just silly too.

    7) Once again they didn't know about the holocaust, the knew about the camps. In their eyes they sent the Jews away to another place, not death. Those who knew also knew that they could be next, the camps wasn't only for Jews.

    9) The evidence of holocaust was presented after the war wasn't it? It was not common knowledge until it was too late. People spoke of the horrors of the camps but not really the extent of it and the holocaust by it self. Once again, yes, a few knew but it wasn't common knowledge.

    10) You can't blame someone that doesn't exist.

    Should those who really did know have raised their voices and made sure to be heard? Of course, and many did and many died because of it. It's somewhat understandable that people feared death more than they feared the shame of staying silent when they should have spoken. (It's a classic moral dilemma, save your own skin or maybe save the skin of others, and the answer isn't a given.) The world was different back then, information didn't travel as easily as it does today so who should they tell and how would they be able to spread the information. The information that did reach the alliance was hidden and ignored ... then what?

    Things weren't black and white back then, Hitler and his allies were a force to fear and count on. There was a point where he could have won and if he had won the history would have looked different. Those (countries,religions) that didn't dare go against him was also looking out for their people trying to keep them alive. The possibility of being killed if Hitler won and you had been against time was very real. Many ignored him in day light and worked against him in the shadows.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It pretty much begins and ends with Hitler, then in descending order, the Vatican and the Pope, the villagers, the lesser soldiers and so on. All who assisted the Nazis in their horrors are responsible to one degree or another.

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  • 4 years ago

    Mormon right here... a million. Jesus Christ (Jehovah) and Michael under the path of God the daddy. 2. God the daddy, who's the perfect writer, created His spirit, as offspring, the Firstborn of each and every of the spirits... and no clue whilst. maximum possibly eons and eons in the past. 3. i do no longer likely understand the question i assume... "disintegrating"? Jesus Christ's "duty", quite decision, replace into to be the Savior of this international. God is a God of regulation and order... if He replace into no longer purely, He would give up to be God and all issues i assume would "fall apart" away... no longer likely specific what you're searching for for right here.

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