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What could be wrong with my weimaraner?

He's a year old male, he has got a swollen eye that oozes reddish discharge we took him to the vet and he gave us a round of antibiotics and drops, we used those and it didn't fix anything, but when they were over we noticed it starting to seem to go down some, we took him back to the vet and he said to try one more round, so now we're almost done with this round and it looks worse... what could it be? i figured i'd see if anyone on here was a vet or intern or just knew something about vets or anything like that before we took him back again...

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    Unfortunately for you there arnt alot of vet, vet-tech, or interns here. Could he have been bitten by something in the eye? Im sorry im not much of help ive never dealt with that with my weimaraners. Ive never seen that period. I wish you and your boy good luck hope it gets cleared up soo.

    I was reading about some eye infections and it could be

    conjunctivitis (what i thought it was when i first read)


    rocky mountain spotted fever which is transmitted by ticks


    could be many things

    Source(s): pre-vet student/weimaraner breeder/owner/handler
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    He would be reacting to the fats content material in his nutrition. Try a 4 day bland nutrition of the folowing: Boil 1lb for flooring chuck and read off the fats. Drain and funky. Add one million aspect of the boiled pork to three ingredients cooked rice (any type will do - I used brown fast rice). Feed approximately one million cup of the combination three occasions an afternoon including in his normal dry meals a little bit at a time on day 3 and a little bit extra through day 4. Ease him again on his meals lightly. If he has diarrhea, check out one million/two of an Immodium capsule in his meals two times an afternoon. Also, investigate the fats content material of his meals and possibly cross with anything prime in protein and coffee in fats. The first 3 materials on your puppy's meals must be meat and be careful for wheat gluten additionally.

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    You might want to find another vet for a second opinion. Vets can be wrong and won't admit it and keep trying different things to try and solve the problem

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    i agree with Indy go to another vet if you are having doubts about this one. its always good to get a second opinion,

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