Office career in entertainment industry?

Are there many office positions in the entertainment industry?

The arts have always interested me - however, I'm pursuing a college diploma in administration. I just don't want to completely erase all creative aspects of my life.

So are there many office, administration, human resources, desk-work, etc. positions in the entertainment industry? (Ie. Film companies, stage-theatres (not movie theatres), casting agencies, talent firms, radio, etc.)

Just out of curiousity so I can start planning future goals :)


As a follow-up to the first answer I received, I thought I should clarify:

I do NOT expect ANY creative input into ANY job I may obtain in the entertainment industry. I am taking Administration in college for a reason -I also love office work (even though to others it may be mundane and repetitive, I actually enjoy it).

However, just being in the atmosphere of a production studio, music studio, etc. would be better for me than say, an Insurance agency - I'm guessing.

Which is why I'm asking if there are many opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Reality-check not needed......thanks ;)

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    There are many intern positions at music companies, film agencies, even news stations and the list goes on. In order to get in is the hard part but since you are in college I think it would be easy for you to intern (unpaid) to get your foot in the door. Then once graduated you would move up fast in a good company like WB or Sony. Look thru craigslist for admin or reception under the category film. Don't know where you are located but out here in L.A. there are tons.

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    Its really really hard to get a job in the entertainment industry right now as this industry is laying people off left and right as there are over 700,000 people who are currently out of a job already, 600,000 people this year plus the people who have been out of work for the last 3-5 years.

    The Entertainment Industry as well as other jobs are dealing with a massive "hiring freeze" right now...

    The other thing that makes this difficult is that you're actually working on a "Administrative degree"...Nobody in the Entertainment industry really wants to hire a person chasing after a "Administrative" degree at this moment in time...and nobody wants or has the time to teach someone and spoon feed a person who has zero "journalism background" or zero Media Background on how to do things like Camera Operation, News Layout and Broadcast News news production or movie or music production in general...

    People who work as a Front Desk for even a Recording studio or production studio in the background have been there for the most part for years.

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    I worked as a receptionist in a sound studio for three years. I don't know what you expect to be creative about it, it's the same as everything else. If you expect to have some creative influence, you need a reality check. Also, because people do generally think even being a janitor in entertainment is glamorous, the jobs are hard to come by.

    But to answer your question, yes, there are all the same jobs going on as in any other business.

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