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AQUARIUMS: how to clean the gravel without a vacum?

I have been rinsing my gravel with warm water, over and over each time because of all the poop and un-eaten food. Am I over-doing it? I have 2 sucker fish (and they poop a lot) and two dwarf-gourami's. Can you tell me exactly how I should clean the gravel because I was told that I may be washing out all the good bacteria?

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    get a vacuum, its the easiest way.

    about 10% of your good bacteria live inthe gravel, 80% on your filter, 10% on glass and oranmants.

    if your really lazy you can just stir up the gravel with your hand and do a water change, but stuff may settle that you missed.

    good luck!!!

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    Anybody that keeps a Pleco NEEDS a gravel vac.

    Anyone that has ever owned a large pleco will know exactly what I mean.

    Emptying the tank and cleaning it thoroughly will just ensure that you never get a stable cycle running in there, and it's a lot of work. Get the gravel vac, remove most of the crud from the gravel, top up with fresh water and the tank will run much better. Just do it as needed, you can change 20% of the water every day if you feel like it, but unless your tank is too small 20% per week is probably enough.

    BTW, unless you have one of the dwarf Pleco species they will grow to 12" long (or more) and they DONT grow to to match the tank size, they just keep growing.


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    Just go buy a siphon. Rinsing out your gravel destroys your biological filter and will make your tank recycle evey time you do it. A tank should NEVER be fully emptied and cleaned in this way unless its under 3 gallons. You vacuum out the gravel and change 25 % of the water each week max. Unless your test kit shows your water levels are high in Ammonia,Nitrite or Nitrates, then a larger change may be required. Good Luck

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    You should NEVER rinse out the gravel. This is because you're rinsing out all the good bacteria, and you'll have to cycle your tank all over when you do this. You should also have a filter, this'll help pick up some of the waste.

    I'd just spend the $5 and get a gravel siphon...

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  • Xrlp
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    You're washing out all the beneficial bacteria, and covering the rocks with chlorine. Get a siphon.

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    Get a gravel siphon. It saves you a lot of time.

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    scoop it out and positioned it in a difficulty-unfastened kithcin sipv or how ever spelt and merely run faucet over it and shake it because of the fact I even have shingle in my tank and for the precise gravel from fish shop became into £22 or it became into £3 bag from builders retailers so positioned it in sipv and shook it and its spotless now and looks sturdy in my tank.

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    honestly a $5 siphon from the petstore is the easiest option

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