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Names for story characters?

I can't seem to decide names for the following people:

Main girl: Highly intelligent, unusual, predictable, unique, and charismatic. Fifteen/Sixteen years old, soft more.

Main guy: Mysterious, brave, heroic, heavenly, and gorgeous.

Sixteen/Seventeen old (in appearance), junior.

Friend: Talkative, pretty, stupid yet smart, and preppy. Fifteen/Sixteen years old, soft more.


Oh, and the main girl character's also accident-prone.

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    Main Girl: Abigail, Alexis, Grace, Kate, Leah, Lillian, Tabitha, Jessica, Rachel, Kellie, Samantha, Allison, Skylar, Geneva, and Whitney.

    Main Guy: Austin, Christopher, Kiefer, Brandon, Cody, Colin, Alexander, Connor, Cooper, Jacob, Riley, Corbin, Joshua, Benjamin, Cory, Matthew, Timothy, Cole, Steven, Paul, Tyler, Thomas, Samuel, Tobias, James, Ryan, Levi, Maddox, and Nathaniel.

    Friend: Ariel, Cassandra, Danielle, Jasmine, Tessa, Christy, Gwen, Kim, Rose, Stephanie, Hilary, and Lauren.

    Hope this helps and good luck with ur story, :D.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Main Girl: Bridget

    Main Guy: Jason

    Friend: Gwen

    Hope I helped!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Main Girl: Isabella

    Main Guy: Chase

    Friend: Mackenzie & Michael

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  • Simple
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    1 decade ago

    Sophomore (:

    Main girl: Rebekah, Larissa.

    Main guy: Jackson, Clyde, William.

    Friend: Katherine, Hannah, Clara, Scarlett.

    Happy Holidays.

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  • Elle
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    1 decade ago

    Main Girl: if you want a unique name try Shea (Shu-ay) if you want more a common name try Spencer, Piper,Saphire, Shapron Libby, or Taylor. Aim for names that are not really common for popular people example (ashely alexis grace)

    Main Guy: unique names for guys are kind of weird, so try a common name, but mix it up to add a mysterious affect for example instead of Mark try Marc, so my suggestions for him are Marc, Rian, Chris, Deric, Tyler, (orignial names Mark, Ryan, Chris, Derick, Tyler) you can use the original name if you dont want them to be too unuiqe

    Friend: Go for Some of the more common names, but ones that can be shorted as a nickname so that the main girl can seem like she has a tight bond with her. Some examples of pretty names Scarlete (scotty), Aubrey(Bree), Penelope (penel) Madeline (maddy), Kristen( Kris, you might not want to use this if your main character name is Chris lol) Alice (ali), and Bailey (try something more fun, like call her Bubbles)

    Good Luck!!!!

    hope i helped

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Erika, Ellie

    Miles, Danny

    Kelsie, Taylor

    hope I helped. Happy Holidays and Merry Mixmas!!

    a.rose cullen

    i LOVE edward cullen

    twilight fanatic

    edward rox ur sox

    Source(s): a.rose cullen's amazing mind!
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  • sarah
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    1 decade ago

    It's sophomore, not soft more. lol. ;)

    Main girl: Bekah, Natalie, Mel

    Main guy: Leo, Josiah, Isaac

    Friend: Hope, Eliza, Ginny

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  • 1 decade ago

    Main girl: Emma or Katie

    Main guy: Mason/Jackson

    Friend: Maria/ Michelle (Michy)/Taylor/Kylee

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  • cesar
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    3 years ago

    Take a walk round graveyards and use countless the names you discover of those buried there. also use highway names and names out of your locality for surnames besides as first names.

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  • 1 decade ago

    main girl: Sophie

    main guy: Justin

    friend: Abby

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