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What kind of person do you think these names are?

I'm not asking for your opinion on these names and I'm not naming a kid. But I was wondering, what kind of people do you think they are based only off of names? Are they fat, thin, nice, mean, smart, stupid, tall, short, pretty, ugly, etc.? What do you think their personality is like?

Anna Charlotte

Sophie Anne

Morgan Elizabeth

Alyssa Brooke

Brooke Kendall

Lillian Claire (goes by Lilly)

Laura Elizabeth

Alison Kristina

Molly Helen

Henry Michael

Michael Dean

Michael Hamilton

Colin McKenna

Walter Edmund

Clint David

John Walter (goes by Jack)

Owen James

James Lucas

Otto Henry


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    Anna Charlotte - thin, shy, nice, quiet, smart, tall, pretty, likes to

    create, dark brown hair that goes down to the middle of the back, no

    bangs, glasses - blue eyes,

    Sophie Anne - regular weight, loud, smart, short, cute, likes to draw

    and build, shoulder length almost black hair with bangs, brown eyes

    Morgan Elizabeth - sassy, popular, thin, mean, smart, medium height,

    pretty, wavy blond hair no bangs, blue eyes

    Alyssa Brooke - another sassy, popular, chubby, mean, stupid, short,

    wanna be, ugly, curly blond hair bangs, glasses

    Brooke Kendall - chubby, mean, unpopular, stupid, tall, pretty,

    shoulder length, brown wavy hair, no bangs, highlights, blue eyes

    Lillian Claire (goes by Lilly) - my name! - thin, nice, class clown,

    smart, short, pretty, mid back light brown hair, natural blond

    highlights, no bangs pigtails, hazel eyes

    Laura Elizabeth - fat, mean, stupid, medium height, ugly, shoulder

    length blond hair, brown low lights, no bangs, green eyes

    Alison Kristina - medium weight, nice, smart, short, pretty, long brown

    hair, no bangs, blond highlights, brown eyes

    Molly Helen - chubby, nice, smart, tall, pretty, white blond shoulder

    length hair bangs, blue gray eyes

    Henry Michael - thin, nice, smart, tall, handsome, ear length brown

    hair, brown eyes

    Michael Dean - fat, nice, stupid, short, ugly, red buzz cut, blue eyes, \


    Michael Hamilton - dark skin, thin, nice, medium height, short curly

    hair, brown eyes, smart

    Colin McKenna - thin, nice, short, short straight hair, hazel eyes,


    Walter Edmund - fat, mean, tall, long curly hair, brown with blond low

    lights, green eyes, smart

    Clint David - short, thin, nice, bald, blue eyes, stupid

    John Walter (goes by Jack) - medium skin, skinny, short, shoulder

    length black hair, brown eyes, smart

    Owen James - short, red hair buzz cut, mean, stupid, ugly, blue eyes

    James Lucas - medium height, longish for a boy brown hair, nice,

    smart, handsome, brown eyes

    Otto Henry - tall, blond hair, nice, funny, smart, brown eyes

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    Anna Charlotte-goody goody. sweet, but teachers pet. medium height. blue eyes.

    Sophie Anne-church girl. innocent, though comical.

    Morgan Elizabeth-abnoxious, popular girl. peppy. dirty blonde hair, green eyes. short. slightly chubby.

    Alyssa Brooke-another popular girl. leader of the pack. wavy chocolate hair. brown eyes. tall, skinny.

    Brooke Kendall-

    Lillian Claire (goes by Lilly)-horse back rider, loves the "barn". wears quilted coats, knee length cordoury skirt. platnium blonde hair, warm brown eyes.

    Laura Elizabeth-Lillian Claire's close friend. Sport lover. Sweet.

    Alison Kristina-Cute, geeky girl. Soft spoken. light brown hair, hazel goldflecked eyes.

    Molly Helen-Thin, straight dark brown hair. Braces. Rude, anti social. Fat. Short.

    Henry Michael-Chubby, geek. Though on the basketball team.

    Michael Dean-Annoying, geeky kid. Inteligent.

    Michael Hamilton-Smart, hot. Tall, thin. Nice, though doesn't get great grades.

    Colin McKenna-Dumb, stupid. Popular...dumb blonde. Blonde. Short.

    Walter Edmund

    Clint David-Future president. Very smart. A peoples person. Dark brown hair.

    John Walter (goes by Jack)-Jack. Ladies man. <3's girls.

    Owen James

    James Lucas

    Otto Henry-Geeky, fat. Nice.

    the ones i left blank i couldnt think of..sorry.

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    Anna Charlotte- tall, slender, very lady-like

    Sophie Anne- spunky, black hair, extremely hyper

    Morgan Elizabeth- very sport-oreinted, average height

    Alyssa Brooke- quiet, shy, short, brown hair

    Brooke Kendall- blue eyes, blonde hair, beautiful, tan, white teeth

    Lillian Claire (goes by Lilly)- good posture, enjoys ice-skating

    Laura Elizabeth- blue eyes, very kind-hearted, smiles often

    Alison Kristina- a disaster, cannot control herself, super-girly

    Molly Helen- stubby, short, a church-goer, follows the rules

    Henry Michael- high cheekbones or fat, either one still works, ave. height

    Michael Dean- wears glasses, enjoys eating hamburgurers, fairly tall

    Michael Hamilton-really hot, an accountant, vegitarian

    Colin McKenna- wild, fun, he has abdominal muscles, blonde, a little feminine

    Walter Edmund-a major yuppy, very professional, not into personal life

    Clint David- extremely sexy for a 40-50 year old man, rich

    John Walter (goes by Jack)- easy going guy, sings and hums frequently

    Owen James- very smart, reads often, wrote a novel, a little under ave. height

    James Lucas- freaking adorable, blonde hair, likes sports, chubby cheeks(but not heavy)

    Otto Henry- anti-social, not very socially concious, black hair, ave. height

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    Very classy and sophisticated, thin, some of them stuck up, and some of them, the nicest and most caring people you will ever meet.

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