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Chris Paul and Tim Duncan for KG and Dwight Howard, a good trade?

I have Tim Duncan and Chris Paul and I want to trade them for KG and Dwight Howard.

Should I pull the trigger?


I have Devin Harris. He could start for me If I traded away Paul.

I'm getting 2 super star players for this deal.

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    Your getting a center but losing a point guard. A point guard is a play maker so i wouldn't do that, their the ones who controls everything that happens with their team offensively and i wouldn't even do it considering that Chris Paul is the best PG in the league.

  • don't trade away CP3. but trade Duncan for Dwight Howard. KG and Tim Duncan are old... it's better to keep the young players.

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    Terrible. Duncan may not be as good as them but chris is irreplaceable unless u trade KG for another PG

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    it fairly is extremely hard because of the fact the two are large protecting gamers and protection wins championships. because of the fact that i'm basing this on protection i might pass with Chris Paul. CP3 is powerful at steals which many times finally end up as a provide up and a bucket on the different end. Superman is powerful at blocks which grant up the shot yet is going out of bounds or is a objective tend. So i pass with CP3.

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    no way bad trade man for who is getting KG, D Howard

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