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How much of the Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the Saudi Royal Family?

I know the Saudi Royal Family owns J. P. Morgan Bank, Bank of America, WAMU Bank, Talman Federal Bank, ABN AMRO (The "B" in ABN stands for Bin Laden by the way) Chase Manhattan Bank and all the other banks that J.P. Morgan, B of A and got the lion's share of our $700B bailout paid under duress.

I figure they own at lest 1/4 of the Federal Reserve through these "Shill" banks but I wouldn't be surprised to find they actually own closer to 50% or more.

Let's all write or congressmen and demand an actual accounting of how much of the Federal Reserve is owned by the Saudi Royal Family, Shall we?

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    Getting involved and writing your congressman is important in a democracy. But congressmen get a lot of looney letters. So a good technique for being effective is to have the facts on your side.

    Which brings us to the premise of your question. There are some fundamental factual errors. I'll provide links for you to fact-check yourself.

    - First go back and check your list. Morgan and Chase merged some time ago. ABN stands for Algemene Bank Nederland. Talman was bought up by LaSalle many years ago (and LaSalle was bought by BOA). Just check the public records to get the real scoop

    - Next, check the ownerships. By law, all publicly held firms have to disclose their top shareholders so it is a matter of public record. Just go to to look it up. Here is a link for Chase:

    - Next: Check the U.S. Laws regarding Federal Reserve Share ownership. ) )

    Besides find out that only American owned banks can be part of the system, you will find that even the term 'ownership' in the Fed is a bit of an exageration:

    The Federal Reserve is a unique legal entity that can be described as an independent government agency with member bank participation. It is organized with a 100% government agency at the top (the Board of Governors), and branches beneath them that are organized like corporations with member banks as shareholders.(Ref: , )

    The Board of Governors are all appointed for 14-year terms by the president and confirmed by congress. It operates per it's charter and laws set by congress. it is overseen by congress. There is no structure or mechanism for private ownership at this level; it is a government agency. You can confirm this from a number of government sites that list it as a government agency (e.g. Board members are forbidden by law to have any economic interest in a private bank. (Ref: Title 12 chapter 3 of the U.S. Legal Code). The Board determines monetary policy and provides high level oversight of the branches.

    The 12 branches can be considered highly regulated private corporations. Member banks are required to buy shares in their branch. Each bank has one vote. They can vote for 6 of their 9 board members, the other 3 are appointed by the Board of Governors. Though the branches are called non-profit, the member banks get a standard 6% dividend on their shares. The remaining 'profit' is turned over to the Treasury at the end of the year.

    For confirmation on this, check out how Hoovers classifies them:

    And those shares that the member banks own? Some say there are so many restrictions that it falls short of true ownership

    From Edward Griffin, noted anti-fed intellect (

    "It's a hybrid, part corporation and part government, part private, part government.


    Every bank that's in the system is an owner of the Federal Reserve... But that's as far as it goes because those stock certificates do not carry with them any of the attributes of private ownership. For example, the holders of these certificates cannot sell them. If you can't sell something then you don't really own it, that's one of the tests of ownership, your ability to dispose of it. You cannot sell it. Furthermore the larger banks put up more money than the smaller banks, it's a ratio to their assets, so the larger banks have more stock certificates in the system than the small ones and yet regardless of the number that they hold, every bank has just one vote. There's another violation of the principle of private ownership. Furthermore that vote doesn't buy them anything. They can't vote for anything of substance; they cannot vote for their national management which is the most important thing, isn't it? The board of directors and chairman of the Federal Reserve System are appointed by the President, they're not elected by the banks that are part of the system, the President does that."

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    The most popular answer given was created by CIA, most likely. The Federal Reserve is owned by the banking families of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and others. Yes, it's privately owned. Research into the creation of the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, and most importantly the Round Table. Some nice bs propaganda going on this thread

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    None. Contrary to the ignorant assumptions of some right-wing kooks, the Federal Reserve is not a BAnk--it's a federal government administrative agency. It oversees and regulates the Federal Reserve system--a network of 20 privately -owned banks in the United States what function as clearing houses through wich the federal government implements monetary policy.

    Incidentally, most of the banks you named are not part of the Federal Reserve-designated banks. And none are controlled by the Saudi Royal Family. All 20 of the designated banks are American-controlled financial institutions.

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    everytime you go to the bank everytime you buy food at theftway, or those fancy chrome wheels for your hot car, it's USA for East Berlin. Because those poor sex starved imperial battalions, need more tear gas, more machine guns and more electric fences for those prison camps they call freedom zones. And who's going to give it to em? we are! everyone of us. You heard the white house don't miss it. What would those american boys do without thier hummers? Dial 555- scam and sign up today!

    seeing as 1% own 99%, i'd have to guess that they own more than a 1/4 of america. I'd say a three way split between the oil companies, kraft or it's parent company and the saudi oil company. each owning equal shares of you.

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    ALL of it

    Don't they own the controlling shares of JP Morgan Chase. ie the Fed.

    I saw the Chase Heiress on TV, Abagail Morgan IIRC she seemed comfortable with King Abdullah of KSA calling the shots.

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    There is no stock to own. Go to the library and read a book.

    Happy Winter Solstice!

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    you forgot about Fox News = reason the media pretend to be stupid about the issue

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    This may be feasible

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    or .... we could just finish our Kool-Aid .... and go nite nite

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