Study MBBS in india after high school?

heyy....i'm a high school student and i wanna do my MBBS in india after high school

any opinions??

my friend says doing it here in the US will be much easier but i dont know....i wanna do it in india

also, even if i do it there, will i able to adjust to living there? i've been there many times to visit my family, but....

plz help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Depends on where you eventually want to practice. If your intention is get educated in India(because it eventually works out to be cheaper and the acceptance rates are higher), then come back and practice in the US, keep in mind that you will have to clear the United States Medical Licensure Examination, or USMLE as it is commonly abbreviated, to be able to get a license to practice in the United States. And for foreign medical school graduates, the success rate in the USMLE is only around 45% or so, due to the differences in the quality of education imparted. You might even have difficulty getting an internship at hospitals, as the quality of education imparted in India is of a lower quality than in the US. Plus, I doubt if potential patients will be look favourably at someone who's had their medical training in a Third World country. So to be able to practice in the United States, I suggest you go to medical school in the US itself. It might be more expensive, and harder, but in the end it will be definitely worth it.

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    Adjusting to life in India will not be a problem at all. The educational opportunities in India are plentiful, and you could do a lot here. It basically depends where in India you are going to study, so I would advise you to pick the right place - like the metro cities, then living there would be great.

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