The Knights of the Round Table?

I have some questions about the Knights of the round table, and if anyone is interested, I would be really grateful if you guys could give me some answers:

1) Who are the Knights of the Round Table?

2) Where does the legend come from?

3) Why did they call them selfs The Knights of the Round Table?

4) What were they looking for? What was their mission(s)?

5) Where did they live?

6) What were they particularities, (physique, moral)?

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    1.Knights of the Round Table were those men awarded the highest order of Chivalry at the Court of King Arthur in the literary cycle the Matter of Britain.list of knights open the link below:

    2.The Knights of the Round Table were the noblemen that swore allegiance to King Arthur. King Arthur had the table of his court made round so that no one knight was considered of higher status than another. All were equal, including himself. The sons of kings and noblemen across Europe sent their sons to be part of Arthur's court at Camelot. According to legend, the court was the paragon of virtue and justice, and the knights the epitome of chivalry.

    One seat at the Round Table was known as the "Siege Perilous". It was said that whoever sat in this place would achieve the quest of the Holy Grail. No knight dared placed himself in the chair, until Sir Galahad arrived and sat there, ignorant of the prophecy. Several knights take on the holy quest to search for the Sangreal, and many of their adventures and exploits were written by various authors over the years.

    3.The knights were usually of noble birth: they were usually kings and princes, dukes, counts (or earls) and barons. They formed the backbone of the army, since they were the only one who could afford expensive armour and weapon, as well as the cost of training and maintaining the war-horse.


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    The Knights of the Round Table were King Aurthor's best Knight's. They all sat at a round table so there would be no head, no foot, all were equal in discussion including the King. Their mission was to protect Camelot & it's people along with establishing laws. A basic government. Loyalty to the King & his crown were crucial to the knights.

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    you ask all this because you don.t what to do the research yourself, or do you think that you'll give us a good question? i wish i could answer you , so i'm now going to do some web searchers. i'll get back to you. tks.

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