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Does deleting history, REALLY delete history.?

So I've gotten into a bad habit going on inapropriate, or embarresing websites while I am at work. I delete the history when I am done, I just want to know if I am REALLY deleting the history, and if I am not what will my boss find if he ever searches things. Is there a way I can for sure delete everything?

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    if you make sure you delete everything, including the browsing history, saved form & search history, cookies etc. then you can't go wrong

    go to tools then options, you'll find it there

    good luck & maybe leave the inappropriate websites for you home computer in future :]

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    It all depends on how much effort the people looking at the history wants to put into finding out what you have been up to and how your PC and any server are configured. Deleting as you have done will deal with any casual look by the boss, but an IT person could probably locate the internet sites if they really wanted to. Obvious moral don't visit any site which is not considered 'work safe' in the meantime, unless your boss has reason to be suspicious I would think all is well.

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    There are ways to view files which are even deleted. So, deleting the browser history is not fool-proof. Also, your network might have a packet sniffer, which will be logging all the web-sites you visit at work.

    I'd say, get rid of this habit. Not only will you lose your job if you are found, but you'll also be black-listed throughout the industry and will have trouble finding a new job. Save the "personal" browsing for your home pc.

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    (Assuming you have windows)

    Delete history cookies bookmarks everything.

    Better use the private browsing features now provided by several famous internet browsers including Internet Explorer 8.

    Delete also this area at the time of logging of\shutting down:

    C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Local Settings\Temp


    C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files


    C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Recent

    If your office has proxy server or lan then you can not delete logs from the server. If it is direct internet connection (like you use to have at home..) then you only have to worry about the history on your own computer.

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