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    This special subject research"local culture and foreign culture get the influence of English reading learning on senior high vocational school", we are the language comparison, history and cause that will introduce Christmas culture and the United States and England and Taiwan and Mainland China and picked related data concerning Christmas culture and history background from the Holy Bible ……, after searching related content data and applying the knowledge of each realm, will chase data integrative, presenting of integrity, and accurately know whether read will get the influence on production in the senior high vocational school, learn to many lessons through the completion of each part of special subject this the top didn't teach of career, benefit very many


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    當地文化和外部文化生長英語并且讀研究對教授職位'的影響; 這個专题研究,我们的這個小組將推薦文化和美國和英國、臺灣和China'相比語言; 在圣诞节,歷史和起源,採擷的s大陸和拿來相關的材料与在圣诞节的文化和從圣经的历史背景有关,在搜尋相關的美滿的材料和使用每個領域知識以后,互联系统材料整體的,原封一个顯示,并且精確一个知道通过特別題目的每個組分的完成,對在很多課本沒教的經驗的研究被影響讀書將导致生長教授職位,好處很多

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    ' the influence that native culture and outside culture grow English and read study to the professorship ' of this case study, this group of ours will recommend culture and U.S.A. to compare with the languages of Britain, Taiwan and China's Mainland on Christmas Day in, history and origin, pick and fetch the relevant materials related to culture on Christmas Day and historical background from the Holy Bible ,After searching relevant content materials and employing the knowledge of every field, the interconnected system of a materials will be whole, the intact one displays, and the precise one knows it is influenced that reading will produce growing the professorship, through the completion of every component of the special topic, study to the experience not taught on a lot of textbooks, benefit a lot

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    This special study “the native place culture and the external culture live English reading study to the quality the influence”, our group will introduce that Christmas day cultural and American and British and Taiwan and language of comparison, the history as well as the origin mainland China, will pick up from the Holy Bible have about the Christmas day culture correlation data as well as the historical perspective ......, and applies various domains after the search related content material the knowledge, the material will make uniform, the complete appearance comes out, and accurate knew whether to read will live to the quality has the influence, by special various parts' completion, will study the experience which has not taught to many textbooks, the benefit a great deal

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