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holy grail和holy chalice有何不同?




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    What is the Holy Chalice?


    It is the cup which Jesus used at the Last Supper to serve the wine. For the meal on Passover, traditional Jews preferred stone vessels, since only stone was considered kosher (ritually pure). Clay was too porous and could contain impurities, while silver could have been used before for coins with the images of pagan Gods and there therefore considered to be impure as well. It was not impossible that an agate cup was used, such as the Valencia Chalice, as it could be possible that Jesus did not actually own the cup he used.


    According to Roman Catholic Tradition the Holy Chalice was guarded by Saint Peter, who used it to say mass. He took it with him to Rome, and after his death it was passed on to the Church leadership. In 258 AD when Christians were being persecuted under Emperor Valerian, the Romans demanded that the relics be turned over to the government. Pope Sixtus gave the cup to a Spanish soldier with instructions to take it to safety in Spain. Tradition then states that it was safeguarded by the Spanish kings, until King Alfonso needed money for a military campaign. He borrowed money from the Cathedral of Valencia, using the Holy Chalice as collateral. He later defaulted on the loan and the relic became the property of the church.

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    如網頁文字所述,應該是說:Holy Chalice是指耶穌真正在最後的晚餐上使用過的「聖杯」,後來是由他的門徒Peter所保管,帶到羅馬被當成教會教皇信物被代代相傳,之後因為被Emperor Valerian所迫害,聖杯交給了西班牙國王代為保管,後來國王沒錢打戰,拿它當抵押品跟教會借錢,還不出錢來,聖杯才又變成教會的所有。

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    Holy Grail,則是後世人的一個傳統說法,就是Holy Grail是最後晚餐上的聖杯,它盛過耶穌被釘在十字架上所流下的血(但事實上並沒有),所以眾說紛紜互相矛盾~一般認為這只是一種象徵意的「聖杯」人們從Holy Chalice去聯想出來的一種傳聞說法。

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    所以簡單說「holy chalice」是羅馬教廷所說的聖杯,它只不過就是耶穌在最後晚餐用過的杯子,而「Holy Grail」是後人穿鑿附會說是盛過耶穌血的一個不存在的傳說的「聖杯」

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    grail1. n.[the S]聖杯(傳說中耶穌最後晚餐所用之杯)

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