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    I had this photo when i went to signature event.

    There were lots of people on the day and i was on queue at 6am in the early morning.

    We designed some posters and gifts that we wanted to give to idol.

    Of course, i prepared some small present card asw well.

    About 1:30 pm, when my idol walked on the stage. All of fans are screamed and excited about this moment.

    I asked idol's signature when i was on stage, I was happy and nervous.

    Lastly, the idol was shaked hand with me.

    The signature event finish, other fans was taken photo for me with idol.

    i never forget the day it happen when this photo was taken.

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  • Signature of first time will the photo whether I participate in photo people a lot of that make when can signing. I get meeting-place line up we make a lot of poster and little present give idol I plan little card give half past one in the afternoon such as idol too 6 point half morning. When idol liking it appears . What bean vermicelli, we of platform resound with thunderous cheers heavy to is it welcome when I go to Taiwan to sign for idols to call. I happy in short idol that I like is it shake hands with me to have finally! When signing will finish . We the bean vermicelli help me make pieces of group photo is it participate in commemoration that can sign for the first time for me to do also


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    First time signature meeting The picture which this picture is I participates in the signature meets when shoots the human to be that day many. I 6:30 am arrived at the conference site to line up we to make many playbill and the small gift I also prepare the small card for the idol to give the idol 1:30 pm. When likes the idol appears when. Under our stage's bean or sweet potato starch noodles thunderous applause yelled happy treats me to sign to the stage on to the idol time. I unusual happy and anxious I like finally the idol has with me shakes hand! When the signature will finish. Our crowd of bean or sweet potato starch noodles also helped me to pat Zhang He to comply with for me first time participate in the signature meeting the commemoration.

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