I cant insert a tampon, help?

Okay, Im 13. I got my period when I was about 12 and a half. I get how you insert a tampon, but Im afraid it is going to hurt, and it seems like its too small of a hole to fit a tampon. Should I just wait until it becomes bigger? What should it really look like? Because I have a small hole near the bottom and then from there up is red tissue. HELP PLEASE, I really am tired of using pads.

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    The ones with plastic applicators *definitely* make things easier for girls who've never used tampons before... but once you know how, anything that's comfortable to wear will be easy to insert. If you do it properly and insert the tampon far enough, it won't hurt to insert one and you won't really be able to feel it while wearing it. My stepdaughter began using them without problems for her second period, just 3 months after her 11th birthday.

    Helpful advice (beyond the semi-useless package directions)? Yeah... just three things:

    1) Aim the tampon more towards your back than upwards... your vagina actually goes *back* for more than half of its length, not just up, and it's almost parallel to the floor if you're sitting on the john... and push it gently (twisting it back and forth a bit might help it slide more easily) as far in as the applicator will go while you're still holding the end of it. Push the plunger in while holding the barrel in place, then let go of the plunger and withdraw the applicator.

    2) It'll be easier to do the first time if things are slippery "down there", so don't wipe away any blood and stuff until you've got the tampon in place. If there's very little blood there, just smear a couple of drops of saliva on the tip of the tampon (or its applicator if it has one) and it'll make things a lot more comfortable.

    3) Relaxation is **important**. If relaxing isn't easy for you, try pushing just a little bit as if you're trying to poop or pee... your pelvic muscles will relax a bit and that will help a *lot*.

    There's also an OK video instruction about it at http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/how-to-ins...

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    If you can get a babie out of that hole im positive you can fit a tampon. Just be very relaxed it wont hurt as much as it might feel akward, try and put it all inside you and you wont even feel it, also put it in on an angle and puttin one foot on the toilet bowl and slitghly crouching will make it alot easier and also make sure u dont wipe before u insert the tampon if your more moist it'll help it go in alot better and wont hurt and a plastic applicator would probably be your best choice.but your 13 stick to the pads if your not comfortable with tampons, just carrie sanitary wipes in your purse and change them often enough. Personally i prefer pads, i hate walkin around with some blood collecting sponge inside me, and tampons or much more of a hassle when you change them. And theres more chances of passing threw with a tampon.

    Hope it helped!

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    ok ok ok. CALM DOWN. Im 13 too and got my period 3 months ago. First of all, it kinda does hurt the first time, but if you worry ur muscles 'down there' will clench up. That small hole is the right one. Here is what i did

    take off ur undies (duh) and put ur foot on ur bathroom counter

    kinda squat with ur leg still on the bathroom counter

    hold the tampon and slowly push it towards ur lower back, its helps if u breath out whilst doing this

    push the tampon as far as it will go

    Thats what i did, and it got the tampon in. It felt a little weird so i removed and wore a pad. Im gonna try again tomorrow. Rome wasnt built in a day, and i doubt you'll get ur tampon in comfortably first shot

    Remember these things take time. My friends have told me that it gets easier.

    Maybe try fingering urself, not to make the hole bigger, but to get a feel of what ur vagina is shaped like

    Source(s): Oh yeah, when u insert it, theres ALOT of pressure. just remember to breath and you'll be fine
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    Get the plastic applicator not the cardboard. The plastic will not hurt. No you don't need to wait, if you're having your period you can use a tampon. I have easier insertion if i stand with one leg propped on the toilet seat, there's only one entry for it, don't be scared trust me! I'm 27 and was myself too and only started using them about 4 years ago. Will never use a pad again and wish I would've used them sooner!

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    Haha i had the same problem i was like ahhh it wont fit. haha but seriousley hunn its dosent hurt im about to get graphic but while your peeing your most likley to bleed so get a tampon NOT CARDBOARD and while bloods coming out slide it in im not going to like pushing the button to actually make the tampon go in hurts a little not hardley at all. I PROMISE i was such a spaz when i first did it now i wont even look at a pad haha. When you take it out kind of push so it will slide out eaiser you playtex gentle glide they are the best my opinion anyways, And its not going to get bigger unless you have sex and that hurts alot more then putting a tampon in just try it relax and you will be okay


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    the easiest way to insert tampons is by putting one leg onto the bath or counter or wat ever you want to use and then squat and then slowly insert it pushing it towards your lower back. You have to keep breathing other wise it tenses up and it becomes harder to put it. If your worried about your hole being to small you can get slim regular tampons they are great and they slide in easily. The first couple of times it will feel wierd to put in but after a while it will get easier. I found this webiste that explains and helps you out alot,


    good luck!

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    There's the possibility that your hymen isn't broken, which could prevent tampon use. But i think you're just scared. Try using mini slim tampons because there are a lot of sizes. I agree, if you put your finger in there first you might find it easier. Tampon do not hurt, don't worry.

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    try a tampon with an applicator, it'll glide in better. and you get used to having something put up there. Then you can use normal tampons, if you want. It might hurt you a little, but don't worry, the pain isn't something that you'll always have.

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    It won't really get bigger on it's own..

    First thing you need to do is read the directions in the box. Do everything it says.

    Sit on the toilet or stand up with one leg on the toilet seat, whichever is more comfortable to you.

    RELAX. Sometimes, when you are tense, your vaginal muscles will tighten and it WILL hurt to put in. So relax.

    Go ahead and slide the applicator into your vagina and press, releasing the cotton. You shouldn't be able to feel a thing, and you shouldn't see any cotton sticking out.

    Trust me, it won't hurt if you do it right. You'll barely feel it. :]

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    You're not alone. I have the same problem and its a total pain in the ***. I'm stuck with using pads :(

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