Scam online Scotsman90 username on The big & beautiful website. His name "Michael Henry Smith" from Uk,Scotlan?

This person is maybe all fake information to what he said but the damage is not feeling stupid falling for his **** but the fact that he hurt my mothers heart.

He lied about everything from the start and my mother went on this website because she was looking for a person to share memories. As this became talking more online and on yahoo messenger to calling him on this cell number in the UK,Scotland. 7035903580 and his email is and Ip address is and he or them have been scamming others like "Scam-please read from". This person also have the same Ip address and same key points. Like the birds which both have common themes. He said to my mother he has a lot of birds and his favorite animal and for the posted scam pet-stuff is the same but different scam.

Another key point is the Uk and business in the Bahamas in our case it was Nigeria.

Another key point is that the Ip address:,Va

Everything that I have posted I know might be very well all fake according to what he said to my mother.

It makes me feel good to tell people and to be aware and not fall for losers like this "Michael". He has played with my mother emotions and heart. Why? wouldn't she think it was not real.

The jerk off should be aware that one day he was get caught and hope that he gets caught soon. Be very careful and Do not give him any money. Lucky for my mother that she has her daughter and her best-friend and her sister to support her and still support her. One day her sweet heart will soon heal. I'm sorry mom. I will always be here for you.

To Michael Henry Smith I hope that you suffer for the rest of your life while your alive.

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    Nigerian 419 scams are common. These jerks prey on the lonely as well as the greedy, and not only do they answer personal ads, but also sales ads on sites like Craigslist. (I had one try to scam me into cashing a cashiers check for way more than my asking price on an item I had for sale.) The first give-away for me is usually the fact that they do not use proper English. Other avenues for these crooks include the emails from a so-called dying person, or someone who has recently list their spouse and needs an heir or someone to help donate their money to charity. In exchange for helping them, you get to keep a percentage.When all is said and done, the check you have cashed and sent money back to them turns out to be a fake and now you owe the bank.They think they are slick, and must be because a lot of people fall for it. They post pictures of nice looking men that they have probably cut out of a magazine or stolen from another website. There is definitely more than one Michael Henry Smith at work...and your mom will probably get responses or emails from another one or more in the future. At least she is now aware of how they work.

    The biggest rule of all is to NEVER EVER send anyone you have never met in person money, and don't agree to cash any checks.

    My sympathies go out to you and your mother. It's a shame that these criminals feed off of what is best in us...our desire to love and help others. Take care.

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    OK, well that's really sad and all, but this is singles and dating....

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