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Do you have any medical problems ?

if so what

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    I have Gastroparesis, Eagle's Syndrome, Essential Tremors, HBP, Fibromyalgia, the Right Side of my heart is enlarged from a Heart Attack in 2001 plus I have a valve in my heart that leaks, I have Diseases of the Sinuses that may require surgery, I have arthritis in my right knee from a car accident, I have not been able to smell a thing for 13 months now because of vitamin deficiency from the gastroparesis. I have to get IV's of vitamins (got to go Monday) because I can't eat the foods I need and all my electrolytes are deficient as well so I get an IV of them too. My bowels are completely shut down, That happened when I got gastroparesis almost 8 years ago. I suffer from depression ( you would too if you could not eat food) I have PTSD, my body has pulled all the calcium from my bones and I'm boarderline for osteoporosis, my body also pulled all the protein from my muscles and it hurts my arms to wash my hair or put my arms behind my back, I had surgery for Osteomylitis but it turned out I didn't have that. Right now I have had a sore throat and sinus infection for 3 months, that's why I have to get the IV's Monday because my body is so run down it can't fight off the infections and cold. I lost 70 pounds in 4 1/2 months and the Dr is trying to have me put it back on butI will put on 10 pounds and lose 5 and they get mad. I can't keep it on. I have more problems but that should keep you busy finding out what they all are. Thanks for asking. EDIT: I tried to add you as a contact per your request but you are not allowing any new contacts at this time. If you want me as a contact you need to change that in your profile.

    Source(s): retired paramedic
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    I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Isn't really a problem right now, but maybe in 10-20 years, it will be...

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    asthma. it's controlled though.

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