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is Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution kinda like buliding your own castle and then destroying other peoples?

like do you get to buy horses and towers and archers and all these things that make your castle stronger, and then you get to go in and asassinate your opponent?

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    its actualy a really descent game. You pick a civiliation of time wether it be Greece, Rome, China, Egypt ect., and you try to advance in the world. At first it's really just you. you build armies, and historical building's such as the parthenon. On your way you can kill or become alliances with other civilations. It goes from practiclly stone age, to space age, and beyond. To win though you must do four things i don't know one, but the others are earn the most money, kill everyone, or form the united nations. great game----7.5/10

  • Cole
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    I had my eye on it, but since nobody really went into detail how the game works I lost interest.

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