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Christmas Song midi (harmony part)?

I'm tried to look for the harmony part of We Wish You a Merry Christmas but I couldn't find what I wanted.

It's the harmony from this video:

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Please help! ^_^

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    Here's the basic harmony part (the notes under the melody). I'm writing the notes that go under each word, in parentheses after the word. So basically if i wrote

    (G) Jingle Bells, (G) Jingle Bells, (C) Jingle all the (G) way!

    That means through all the time you're singing Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells (the melody part), someone else is singing/playing a G. Then you switch to a C under "Jingle all the", and then back to a G for "way".

    Your song is in G major.

    (nothing) We (B) wish you a merry (C) Christmas, we (C#) wish you a merry (D) Christmas, we (D#) wish you a merry (E) Christ-(B)mas, and a (C) happ-(D)y new (B) year! Good (B) tidings we (B) bring, for (A) you and your (C) kin, good (E) tidings for (B) Christmas, and a (C) happ-(D)y new (B) year!

    Then it just repeats.

    I could have written it out for you if I had internet access on my laptop. But alas, I don't, so you'll have to work with this.

    Hope this helps!!! :)

    Source(s): I have perfect pitch (an ability where I can listen to someone singing or playing a note, and I can tell you what note it is, without previous reference). I just listened to the recording and told you the notes.
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