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Annoying Scratch on Touch Screen ?

Okay, so my touch screen, on my ds lite, has two big scratches on it. It all started a few months ago, I was playing Mario Hoops 3 on 3 and got a few small scratches. No big deal, until my stylus broke after playing the game. But instead of getting a new stylus I kept using it!! So I let my friend play it, and when I got it back two ginormous scratches were on it. Both were in the middle and were annoying to look at. Although I really can't see them when i'm playing, it's still annoying. So I threw out that broken stylus, and finally put a screen saver on. So should I get a new DS Lite? Even though the scratches aren't visible when i'm playing a game, it's REALLY annoying to have to know they're there.



I didn' t ask this when the scratches appeared because I was too lazy. Also because I didn't touch my DS again until earlier this month.

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    There is no need to waste money and get a whole new console. Send it into Nintendo and ask them to replace the touch screen with a new one (they will charge you for this so maybe you should contact them before you send it away). It should only cost about 20 bucks or so.

    I have just saved you over 100 bucks.

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    You can get a like insurance thing on game that covers your game or DS, Xbox, Wii etc. if the are damaged or broken. Go to game and get the Christmas booklet and look at the back, it does cost OF COURSE but not lots. Also, when styluses break you MUST get another one and if you are annoyed with your friend (you shouldn't be really) but if you are tell them that to make it up to you they can cover 1/2 of the cost!

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