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Hi, I'm new to the U.S. so I'm very confused about the whole Community College vs. University things. My teacher told me that if I decided to go straight to a university after I graduated high school,let say Temple University, I will spend four years there and get a bachelor degree. However, if I decided to go to a Community College first, let say Bucks, I'll spend two years at Bucks and then I'll transfer and finish another two years at Temple and get a same degree. Is that true? If that is true, why would anyone want to go straight to a university first? Because I know Bucks, for example, costs only 3,000 a year while Temple costs more than 10,000. Why don't they just go to a community college and save up some money for univiersity?

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    I have had professors at a community college who taught at Community college and a University. The community college and University atmospheres are different. However, those differences are mainly to do with size, activities, and classes offered(meaning they don't offer upper division courses). The same lower division at a university is taught at a community college. Its the same education except you save money. The main difference is community colleges don't offer upper division classes. Therefore, you have to transfer after two years. Nonetheless, your lower division education will be the same in either educational system, you'll have smaller class sizes, and YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. Don't listen to these other people saying you have two start out at a university. As long as you earn good grades at the community college than its fine. I recommend you go to a community college and then transfer. I went to a community college earned good grades and transferred to Cal State Long beach and I don't regret it. In addition, I saved around $10,000 dollars my first 2 years by going to a community college. Regarding Chuckles statement. That is such a crock of bolgna. Cal state Long Beach, Cal State Northridge, Ucla and many universities have a ton of students who transfered from a community college.

    Source(s): Transfer student now attending Cal State long Beach. My GPA is 3.4!
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    You want to go straight to university because only about 10% of those who go to a community college ever do actually end up transferring.

    Community College is sort of more high school. At University, you are an adult.

    And at the University, in the 4 years you have a ffar better chance at the networking you need to be a success.

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    Don't listen, the education and atmosphere between a community college and a university are extremely different. There are so many things a university has to offer that a community college just can't. Also it's even harder to be a transfer than it is as a first-year applicant. Apply straight to the university and skip the middle man.

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    Yes it is true. And many students do do that because of cost. Some students don't because they can get more scholarships going right into a four year college as a incoming freshman. . If you have the grades and the ACT/SAT high score you are better off going right into a four year college.

    We have 3 CC by us. One is excellent and has great teachers and a good reputation. One is just ok and the other I wouldn't send anyone to.

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    Yes, that is true. If depends on what you plan to do after you get your bachelors degree. If you plan on going to graduate school, the community college transcript won't help you, it definitely won't hurt you though.

    Community Colleges accept anybody that qualifies, so they're a good place to get your basic classes. Then you can transfer your hours to a 4 year school and get your degree.

    Going to a university for 4 years basically just makes your transcript look better.

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    CCs do not get the same level student. Their mission is more to educate the public in their area. Universities have a completely different mission.

    Ok so the costs are les to do the CC->Uni thing, but one needs to be careful about the courses one takes at CC

    Also it is better to stay at one place: get more connections that way

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    Universities usually tend to have more opportunities and a better education system

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