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Skateboarding and punk rock?

Why do people now don't know about the connection about skateboarding and punk rock people now always say that they have nothing to do with each other. If it wasn't for punk rock their would not be skateboarding and punk grew because of skateboarding. People don't seem to know about the skate punk of the 80's and 90's anymore just the bands that have been around since then do. Why is that.


I'll prove my point invalled to you people skateboarding and punk rock have been to gether since the 80's and 90's I lived through it(atleast the 90's) here is some proof.

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Update 2:

and yes even the first several tony hawk games had punk rock and THRASHER mag use to release skate punk tapes. and this

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    I relate them majorly but i think its because now people relate punk to emo and make fun of emo people because they stereotypically hurt themselves purposely. Skaters wear tight pants*(which started because its alot easier to skate in tight pants) and they relate it to gayness so they make fun of that. i think its dumb because i like punk music and i think skater guys are really cute.

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    I've never met a skater that listens to straight up punk rock. It's always that crappy pop-punk bull(the term itself an oxymoron) like Blink 182 and Sum 41.

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    Dear ♫ Zach, refs unpersons ☮,

    You are a twit. THe father of punk is Iggy Pop, that's common knowledge, he started making music a few years after the invention of the skate board,Though skating didn't get extreme until the dog town days (late 70's). So in fact, your points are invalid.

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    punk originated before anyone had even invented the skateboard.... you're point is invalid.


    maybe its because people look around now and everyone that skateboards wants to be a gangster, idk that could be it.

    EDIT: when i say skateboard i mean the skateboards people now use pacman, although skateboards were first marketed in the 60's they werent much more than some rollerblade wheels attached to a board.

    and by the way ive never heard anyone say iggy pop is the father of punk... although i admit the stooges were influential.

    and in the future instead of copying and pasting my name, you can just call me Zach i know who you're talking to...

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    no1 likes punk rock for being classified as emo and everyone makes fun of skaters

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    blink 182

    rock show:)

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