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Are any of pro war people that haven't signed up to fight willing to admit you're not man enough to enlist?

Or do you all have have medical reasons?

If you consider yourself a patriot then using your "career" would mean you care more about money, therefore proving you're NOT as patriotic as you claim.

FYI, I am not a huge fan of most politicians. This question is directed at both Dems and Reps.

Thank you.


Easy red neck Kansas Bill, I also served in this war. 82nd Airborne. I spent 2 tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. FYI, I never favored the war but I did my duty.

Also, I've never burned a flag nor has anyone else I know that shares in my views.

You know what happens when you assume...

Update 2:

Of the 10-15 or so people from the Army that I still communicate with only 2 of them now still support the Iraq war. Many of them favored it until they served and saw our brothers die.

This video prompted my question. I thought this was very disturbing to see these pro-war kids making excuses.

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Update 3:

I've noticed that all the "veterans" come out of the wood works when these types of questions are asked but none of the Y!A tough talkers ever respond.


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    I served from 2003 to 2008 as a Navy Corpsman. I'm definitely NOT pro war though. I've seen what real war is, and only an idiot would be happy about it.

    Irregardless if you aimed it at the pro war people who won't sign up, I'm going to respond to something like this. Joining the military is a personal decision. For or against the war, the only person, who knows why they didn't sign up for the military is that person. To allude that they are cowards or unpatriotic is unfair. Just because they didn't serve doesn't necessarily mean they are afraid. They ARE misguided and ignorant perhaps, but they are entitled to not join the military. Last I checked there is NO draft. Saying their not man enough, is also rather insulting to the MANY women who served. Also I'm not sure what you mean by "veteran" in quotes but rest assured, I served 6 years of my life, and I AM entitled to that title.

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    I am pro war and I served 4 years in the Army. One year in Afghanistan and 3 in Germany.

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    Spent 10 years in the USMC

    Don't you dare question my patriotism

    I fought and shed blood for this country on foreign soil more times then I care to count

    I love my nation

    I fought for the freedom that you take for granted while you burn the flag that I love

  • Topper, i proudly served from 1970 to 1991. I consider myself to be patriotic to the bone. I have paid my dues. Time for you to pay yours!!!

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  • Anonymous
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    I'm waiting right behind the 30,000 Libs Obama wants for Afghanistan.

    I hope they don't all have mental exemptions.

  • Anonymous
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    Been there, done that. So why is it mostly liberal democrats are the ones who are too good to serve????

  • donk35
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    Been there, done that. So now it's your turn. Show us your patriotism.

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    Do you have to have an abortion to support it?

    I suppose so by your logic.

  • Anonymous
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    They are also against abortion but don't adopt unwanted children.

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