What gets rid of diaper rash?

we are leaving for a trip tomorrow and it takes 8 hours to get there and I need to know if there is something i can do to get rid of diaper rash over night

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    We had great results with a product called Aquaphor. Also there is a cream called Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.



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    Don't use baby wipes. Use plain water. If possible, use a bulb syringe and just rinse it off, then pat dry with a tissue. Give her a warm bath with baking soda in it 3 times per day. Give her as much time without a diaper or cream as possible, preferably outside if it is warm for a few minutes in the sun. Change her as soon as she is wet or dirty. With every diaper change, use a thick white cream - I like the natural Boudroux Butt Paste in the green tube - and then cover that with A&D ointment as a barrier to keep the urine and poop from touching the skin. if it is really bad and those things don't clear up in 3 days it may be a yeast rash, so use lotrimin cream (from the grocery store for athletes foot or jock itch - don't need a specific baby kind) three times per day instead of the other creams. Also, consider a probiotic for the baby. Culturelle makes a gluten and dairy free powder you can mix with either milk or water. If that doesn't work or the rash is bleeding or flaking, call your doctor.

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    The best thing I found to treat diaper rash is Burts Bee's Diaper Cream. It is a healing emollient as opposed to a rash-preventing barrier. I have used it on eczema too and it works overnight!

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    Whenever one of our girls got diaper rash we would always let it air out while they were sleeping/lying down. We would untie the diaper and place a towel underneath in case of accidents. This seemed to do the trick.

    We would also use more baby powder for a few days afterwards.

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  • there is nothing to get rid of it over night but there are a few things that will help, bepanthen is good, its a special nappy rash cream, or sudocreme, or vasaline will work just as good, it helps form a barrier over the rash so when your baby goes to the toilet it will protect it from wetness

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    You will still need to change her throughout the 8 hour car trip. Nothing will get rid of it overnight. Best to put breast milk or a butt paste on it and change her frequently.

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    Aveno diaper rash cream works great for my son

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    desitin is great and you can leave the diaper off after a warm bath before you put the cream on for 30 minutes or so. it helps remove moisture. just make sure he doesnt have cream on him while he is setting out.

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    nothing overnight but fresh air is the best medicine let your baby run free for a few hours a day just put something underneath her for security

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    Keep the area clean and dry with some baby powder or if its bad, treat it with Desatin

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