Girls riding bikes??? What do you think?

I have been wanting a street/sport bike for the longest time....and im dead serious about it...My family says girls need to stick to what they know...Im very girly not so much high maintnance but still at the same time..i love an adrenalin rush, Im about to become a cop, i love sports, boxing and football especially, I have been bungee jumping twice and sky diving once....owning a bike is one of the things I NEED to do before I call it a lifetime! I keep hearing different things like as far as what type of bike to get...Now, im just confused more than anything....what do you I dumb? Or just being myself and what type of bike would you recomend for a female 5'2" 145-150 lbs.??

Answers from mature people that KNOW what they're talking about preferably please...

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    Go for it. Don't let other people (even if they're your family) tell you what to do. Depending on your age though you might want to wait till you leave home and such.

    I'm female, 5'4, 140lbs, and have been riding bikes for 4ish years now. You have to know your limits and what suits you. You also have to know your riding ability. Most crashes are caused by inexperienced riders and/or other cars not looking for them. The only way to get experience is to log hours though, so I have nothing against beginners riding, BUT the main thing is other drivers. They simply don't look for motorcycles no matter how brightly colored they are. Going on the road with other drivers you're taking a risk even if you are the best motorcyclist out there. Also, riding a bike you are more likely to get fatally hurt; let's face it 5-10 tons vs a small bike and flesh. Also, small accidents, slips bumps, and bruises do occur, but can be avoided by taking the right precautions.

    Okay now that I have the warnings out of the way... bike for you.... I've been checking out new bikes and the Ducati isn't bad since they sit relatively low and don't force you to bend over the tank like most street bikes. Harley and other cruiser bikes sit nicely as well but they weigh and cost a hell of a lot more. You want to be able to lift the bike up if it ever falls. Trust me Ive had experience with over sized bikes they are not fun and can be extremely dangerous. The Hondas they're making now sit fairly low too, but some of them do force you to lean over the tank. Another good beginner brand/type would be the ninjas and Yamaha.

    I wouldn't go over 600 though. If you have never ridden a bike before or took a class for it id suggest a 250. If you have some experience you want a 600 because you'll outgrow a 250 fast and you don't have need for anything around 1000.

    Don't rule out dual bikes. Duals are, if you didn't know, a street legal dirt bike. They don't force you to lean over the tank and I find I have better balance on those than a large clunky street bike. Plus if you get the urge you can go off road lol. The only drawback is they tend to run on the taller side.

    Since you didn't state it I'm guessing you have no prior experience on bikes or have any bike classes under your belt. TAKE ONE! They not only teach you a lot, but they lower your insurance, AND they can waive the motorcycle tests saving you time at the DMV.

    Last words: Take a class, take it slow, know your limits, wear the correct protective gear at ALL times, watch out for other drivers, and be yourself. You may only have one lifetime to do everything in, but as far as we know you only have ONE life to live, don't waste it on acts of stupidity.

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    Take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding course to learn how, if u like it go shopping.

    Bikes are Niche marketed by style. ur short so the first step is to sit on several bikes to find one that u can put ur foot down flat not tip-toe

    Crusers are manufactured choppers, usually low seated.

    Sportbikes are racers in street gear.

    Tourers are much larger and heavier.

    They don't make bad bikes for more than 3 years and the difference between best and good is minor, pick the bike that says come to me and be my friend. This is for new bikes only, asny used bike could have been abused, they are selling it for a reason.

    Good luck.

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    Who said that? -Looks around furiously- I'm a chick and I love my sweet ride. Bikes are awesome and there's no stopping us...finally got a bmx? Congrats, I would too but I prefer just a nice mountain rider...and nah, you're not a dyke...but if you're considered one because of that, call me one too because I love bikes.

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    At 5'2", be sure you get something with a low seat. If you can't sit on a bike with your feet flat on the ground, you may have more trouble controlling it. Best place to look around? Google ladies' motorcycle clubs and see what kind of bikes the ladies have.

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    Well, lets see. I'm mature (age wise) and probably know a LITTLE about riding, as I've been doing it for OH, about 50 years, so I guess I can answer?

    I would say a young girl would probably be less likely to crash than a young guy. They're not so driven by the need to impress their buds and act all macho all the time.

    There ARE dangers and hazards that you need to learn to anticipate and avoid though, and many of these hazards have a way of presenting themselves when you least expect them, so take it easy until you get a couple years experience under your belt, OK???

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    I rode motorcycles for a long time, until I became handicapped(motorcycle was hit by a car). If you REALLY want to ride. Go for it. There will be people telling not to do stuff, no matter what it is.

    Riding is a personal choice. I loved it. If you feel the same way, don't let anyone stop you!!!!

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    When it comes to a motorcycle please do not buy Chinese. I recommend any year Japanese bike that has been taken care of or Honda,Kawasaki,Yamaha,Suzuki.

    Also consider a dual sport bike.They are lighter in weight and can also rip the trails. Don't rule out the Austrian Company. KTM

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    Who can blame you? Just try to be safe, and run a season on a smaller bike, then get the bike you want the most!

    The most beautiful woman I ever saw in my life was on a Ducati, and blew my doors off!

    It was exceptionally cool.

    You sound like you will like our sport, welcome!

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    go for it woman. sis rides a full size harley, low rider, had to

    lower it 2 " and different seat, she is 4' 11"

    when you twist the throttle they all weigh the same.

    please don't get some woosie little puddle jumper

    that you won't be happy with.

    Honda shadow makes a swell 700 size bike looks great

    and handles good.

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    Whats wrong with girls riding bikes?

    I think that is hot!

    Being a smaller person, I wouldn't get anything bigger than a 600cc.

    Have fun!

    Always wear a helmet.

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