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Stupid kids Ps home is not a game?

Sony should make a commerical saying that. Why is everyone rating it like a game? It's not a game it's a program. More like a advance virtual chat room. GTA 4 is a game, Ps home is not a game. Sorry to brake your hearts. Sure there are games in ps home but that DOES NOT necessarily mean it is a game.


kevin S it's already an entertainment machine dumbass lol It can play music, movies, and games. Go ******* buy a Usb flash mermory stick you cheapass, if you want to put music and movies on there. Plug your ipod to your computer you and keep away from a ps3.

Update 2:

Did blu-ray not take the center stage? WTF are you talking about ps3 is the center stage now!

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    i read about playstation home in Time magazine as one of the inventions of the year, so i had to go check it out. it was a waste of my time and my harddrive space. just another stupid second life wannabe. i dont know why sony thinks that this is what we bought our ps3's for

    im mad at sony. ps3 has been out for like 2 or 3 years now and it still sucks. they promised us an entertainment machine that would take center stage in my living room. all i know is i still cant plug my effin ipod into it.

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    I do have to agree, those kids don't know jack about Home. This is the chat room like the IRC, not a video game. When more stupid users fool around at home, the more they will be banned from the program. Home is where we can chat online and Home is still a beta. Once the final product comes out, everybody will be happy.

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    Calm down, it's not a big deal. Who cares? They probably rate it as a game because they know it will make you mad. And clearly it worked.

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    it looks like a game so that is why

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