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What's the best way to carry stuff on a bicycle in a 100 mile ride?

I have considered using my rack and rack bag, but it seems a little heavy. In the past I carried a fanny pack. Now I'm considering a handle bar bag. I like to have a wind shirt to wear in the cool morning, and carry it later. I also carry snacks, a few tools, spare tube and a first aid kit. I notice most riders in the century just carry a seat tool bag, but that isn't quite big enough for me. Any other ideas?

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    The handlebar bag is most convenient, it's like your glovebox. The only difficulty may be fitting it to your style of handlebars. If you wear a backpack, you have that weight on your back pressing you down on the saddle even more, instead let the bike carry the weight. An aluminum rear rack is not very heavy and it isn't rotating weight like the tires and wheels. I use both a rear carrier and handlebar bag They both come in handy on the centuries.Carry two spare tubes and a patch kit. Nashbar has little panniers called daytrekkers that are just the right size for jackets and snacks. www.nashbar.com On a century ride plan for the worst disaster and hope for a trouble free trip. Be prepared and self reliant.

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    I will be doing the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic in 2009 and will be using one of these racks on my bike. I have a large pack that fits on top of it and will have my tools, energy bars, spare tire and tube and my Nikon D200 with Tamron 17-50mm lens in it. The camera is the only reason I'm using the rack and bag, otherwise I would just use my regular seat bag. You can also put panniers on this rack which gets the weight lower and makes it more stable. A CO2 inflater weighs very little and anyone who rides a bike should carry a pump or inflater. Every rider should have their own gear to fix their own flats, no mooching.

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    Most century rides are fully supported so I carry a bottle, tube and tire levers, as for a pump I use OPs. You can tuck a wind jacket into you jersey.

    If you carry more, larger saddle packs are made like this: http://www.nashbar.com/profile.cfm?category=600066...

    That would carry everything you mentioned with ease. It's cheap and easy to install and remove.

    EDIT: don't use a backpack for a 100 miler - really. I recommend a pump over CO2. Too many newbies have carried CO2 and I had to stop and help 'em out. Don't be afraid to ask for help on rides; real cyclists love to help fellow riders and enjoy meeting others in need.

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    The handlebar bag is a great choice. It leaves everything easily accessible and often have map pockets right where you need them.

    Both Ortlieb and Jandd both make great handlebar bags. It's pretty hard to go wrong with either of these brands.

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    A backpack is the most comfortable for riding with.

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    Wear a backpack.

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    All you have to carry is water.

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