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Converter box after Feb. 17?

It is possible to install a converter box long after the Feb. 17 date? My aunt has a subscription to satellite tv but she wants to cancel the service in 2010. However, she's afraid that if she does that, she won't be able to install a converter box and still get a signal.

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    >It is possible to install a converter box long after the Feb. 17 date?

    Yes it possible. The technology in the converters will be used for many decades. But it would be a good idea to buy the converter(s) now.


    1. Right now she can get $40 off government coupons that will pay most of the cost. In a short time the government will stop handing these out to people who have satellite or cable. (People who only get antenna signals have more time.)

    If she waits until 2010 she will pay full price and probably have to order them on the Internet rather than just going to a store. Right now you can get a nice converter for $10-$20 by using the coupon. A few places have even sold converters for $0 (after coupon).

    You can request these at the first link below. Her coupons have to be mailed to her address but she can give them to you to buy the converters if she wants.

    2. It's a good idea to run the converters for a month or so before storing them. All electronics can have manufacturing defects. Most often defective products fail in the first month of operation (while still under warranty).

    It wouldn't hurt just to leave it in place (unplugged) in the meantime just in case her satellite service goes out.

    3. The old analog and new digital broadcasts use the same antennas, but it's a good idea to see if her existing antenna is good enough to give reliable digital reception where she is located.

  • I would recommend for her to go ahead and get the converter box now, and save it until she needs it. If she uses the government coupon, the total price only comes out to a few dollars so I think it's best to purchase while she still has the option.

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    Sure, she can hook it up later.. but the discount coupon probably won't be available by then. It's best to go online apply for the $40 coupon now (it's free), then go purchase the converter box in mid-January when the coupon arrives.

    Better to pay $15 than $55, for sure!

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