what do you think of the following wrestlers?

Robert Roode

Sim Snuka

D.H. Smith


Taylor Wilde

Bryan Danileson

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  • Gir
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    1 decade ago
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    Robert Roode - Hes okay; really good tag team with James Storm.

    Sim Snuka - With that new name; I find a bit too over confident.

    D.H. Smith - Hes good.

    Manu - Hes a good wrestlers; not a big fan.

    Taylor Wilde - She's okay.

    Bryan Danileson - Really good wrestler; I would love to see him maybe go to TNA or WWE.


  • Robert Roode:I like him he's a great wrestler but a better heel.

    Sim Snuka:Could be the future of WWE let's not forget how The Rock started.

    DH Smith:Overrated I mean he had the potential to be a WWE wrestler but only good enough for FCW.

    Manu:What does he do go to the ring and get beaten up by Batista??

    Taylor Wilde:Even how many times she beats Kong I still prefer Gail Kim as the face of the Knockouts.

    Bryan Danielson:The future and I mean the future of wrestling he's the 21st century Bret Hart.

    Why the hell do people answer questions when they don't even know the question??

    Stupid non-wrestling fans.

  • 1 decade ago

    robert roode has potential but he needs a push

    sim snuka will not be his father

    dh smith needs more practice

    manu bleh nuff said

    taylor wilde is a very good female wrestler and unfortunately awesome kong is still in tna

    bryan danielson is still one of the best in the world for proof check out some of his work in ring of honor or iwa midsouth

    i have seen him live in some very small venues and he is great

  • Robert Roode- sucks

    Sim Snuka - im begining to like him after he face mysterio

    D.H. Smith- he never wrestles any more

    Manu- sucks looks just liek umaga

    Taylor Wilde- hot and is just liek trish stratus

    Bryan Danileson-who is that?

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  • 1 decade ago

    OK quite skilled

    Good Wrestler needs a push


    Good wrestler probz da next Umaga



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  • Anonymous
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    rip-off of umaga

    i think that person is on tna (i dont watch tna)


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    WHO are they ????????

    i heared about some of them still

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