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What does your profile name mean?

^_^" just wondering thats all, and im sooo bored what happened to the lively people of C&A =(

Anywayyss, mines is Akuma meaning devil >=] in my profile is my full 'fake' name meaning Devils Curse, yeahh im evil >=]


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    I'm always here anytime anywhere (well at home for the most part). I'm known for being the most active here. lol

    Send me a message if you're bored. Random, anything, ecchi, etc...

    My name: Black Winged Assassin

    Meaning: This is the name that I gave to one of my lovely creations. She's obviously an assassin of the underworld. She strengths are speed and agility. She's in a clad of black, so she wears a lot of black, plus she has black eyes and black hair. She kills mercilessly.

    Well, I would have a manga set out for her, but my skills aren't that to pare with other creators. I can draw only characters. lol

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    Crow The Robot - a major character from Mystery Science Theater 3000

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    My name comes from the term shockwave, a type of propagating disturbance. Like an ordinary wave, it carries energy and can propagate through a medium (solid, liquid or gas) or in some cases in the absence of a material medium, through a field such as the electromagnetic field. Shock waves are characterized by an abrupt, nearly discontinuous change in the characteristics of the medium.

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    Heh, you get your username from D.Gray Man? xD

    *snatches Prince B's mic*

    I am BEL!!! xD

    I rule with ROYALTY!!!

    Me & Prince B share the same guy, BELPHEGOR. I got my nick from him too. He's not actually my fav in Katekyou Hitman Reborn! but I just love his name!

    Belphegor is the Demon of Sloth in Goetic scripture. I'm lazy so that also fits me >w<

    Plus, my nick at school is 'Jingle Bells'. It's also the short of 'Bells' =D


    As you can see, I've changed my nick to VIPER

    Viper= A type of poisonous snake, someone that cannot be trusted & harms other ppl.... HA! >:3

    I just change it for fun... I wanna see how many ppl will recognize me ^__^ But if I feel like it, maybe I'll use this nick from now on... xD



    Hmm... before this Prince B uses the nick 'Belphegor is Prince the Ripper' but ppl always thought that she was me.... hey, did you change your nick because of that? O.o

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  • Crystaillee is my name and all the symbols make it so that I don't get the crysta.... thing going. LOL. I wanted it all on one line, but a bunch of symbols made it even out. My name means Protector of The Icy Dawn, which sounds like a book title, but I like it so I keep it as my profile name too. =P

    It was FMA_LVR but I got bored with it and it made me sound like a psycho fan girl. =P [even though Ed is insanely hot and I'd like to . . . okay . . . breathe . . . surpressing fan girl tendencies]. Whoo. That was a close one.

    Source(s): EDIT: Ok, I'm confused. The two people directly above me are contacts and I don't have a clue who they are. LOL.
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    Its from the anime Chaos head

    a gigalomaniac or gigalomaniax is a person with the ability to see and wield di-swords but not only that they can project delusions into real life, so basically peoples fear/whatever come to life.

  • Hey there kiddo. =]


    *takes a megaphone*

    Come out everyone~! I'm not playing HIDE AND SEEK anymore. -__-"

    Oh well. It's probably because Christmas is comin' ^^

    Anyway, my name is Prince B. It's my favourite character's name. The B stands for Belphegor. He's also called 'Prince the Ripper' So that's way I have Prince in my name. I'm a GIRL though.. >.> Lotsa people mistake me for a guy. Meh.. And it also says that I LOVE chocolate.. which yeah, obviously means that I like Chocolate~! :D So yep. There's my name.

    *gives you a piece of my chocolate bar*

    There you go.



    Ha, I already changed my name a bit. Well now it has Jace Wayland, a character from the book city of Bones. =]


    *High fives Bel* Yesh, we both use Belphegor~!! And yeah, people thought I was you because I had 'Bel' in my name.. so that's one of the reasons why I changed it. =]

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    I got it from a gun on Resident Evil 4 - I just wanted something with 'butterfly' in it plus I love the game! I seem to have a real attraction to butterflies and dragonflies!

  • Do you watch D. Gray Man?? >:D yup lots of akuma there~ cept theyre ugly ones

    Mine means i love Fullmetal Alchemist (the manga)... particularly Ed ^___~ hehe

  • Sparked Indignation is the name of a song I wrote. It's about trying to survive in this world because humans do stupid things, like murder. And the fact that I don't understand why people do those things but it makes me indignant.

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