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How about some self indulgent drivel?

what must I do

what must I say

to come in from the cold

to return to the day

when my words soared up high

were treasured by many

rained sweet from blue sky

not a harsh word from any

as I wrote as I pleased

releasing the pain

when words flowed with ease

and the peace kept me sane

let me be me

will you

accept that I care

forgive if I foul

caress when I hurt

cajole as I rant

smile at the beauty

bathe in the horror

as I prepare now

I ask you to tell me

please, be truthful

does it really matter

what I think

is it important to you

if I have something to say

will you ever read my words

and change a single thought you have

am I so relevant

that I am wanted

when I read your words

I seek movement

have I ever moved you

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    To me,

    You my love, my heart's desire

    What you think means everything

    To me,

    You my heart's desire, my friend

    Never speak without having something to say

    To me

    You my friend,my lover

    Have changed the thoughts I need not believe

    I have heard and remember everything you say

    To me

    You my lover, my heart's desire

    Are relevant, wanted and needed

    When you read my words, as I yours

    I see movement forward

    You have walked with me

    Beside me.

    We hold hands

    So our stops are short, as one waits

    Then a gentle tug to move onward again.

    We hold each others cheek with chin up

    If we fall behind for too long.

    I have grown because of you

    Yet not as a poet, that is not me

    That is you as prayers come true.

    Source(s): This is my story, you know how you became to matter.
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    1 decade ago

    You have affected many - those who respond - and those who read and keep going. Just because you do not see many responses - does not mean that your words have fallen on fallow ground. Write for yourself - not others. There are too many others to please - you will only lose your way ♥

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    You need not ask this of me.

    Yes, you have moved me.

    You have helped and hurt

    you have pleased and angered

    you have given sight and blinded

    you have come towards and turned away

    and yet I stay and call you friend.


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    Drivel? NOT!

    I have always enjoyed reading your poems and hope to continue to be able to. Post on, my friend!

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  • I do believe you have.. kind sir..

    I think you have moved me quite a bit

    I think that if you had not I would not still

    be reading what you write, Responding to it

    I think you have moved everyone who has read

    I think that perhaps the movement in reverse mode

    If Christmas is real to a whole lot of us we need to start

    thinking about the people we knowingly cut out of our lives

    I think there is always room for one more at my dinner table

    .......................................................................................of life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have started to feel this way, and yes your words matter--I don't know to many people who can just write the way you do.

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    I hope for the compassion you seek

    It really matters about your words so sweet

    Please do come in from the cold

    And welcome again to the fold

    May you receive your forgiveness and love

    And forgetting is easy when it is all about love

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    simple answer,,, yes, I have the time

    yes, you have the right and the words,,, and you know it

    yes, you have moved me as well as provided insight for my efforts

  • Daisy
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    1 decade ago

    Your words cause anger

    Sometimes tears

    Brought on laughter

    Exposed your fears

    I raise my glass

    And toast, Cheers!


  • for whatever it is......

    .....all i care about is the truth....

    Source(s): and the truth in your words..... all that matters....
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