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Brian Cashman vs Theo Epstein?

Since I'm still enraged with the yankees lack of enthusiasm about signing Mark Teixeira, I will now ask the question. Now Im a yankee fan for life, but I can't deny Theo Epstein is a damn genius and Brian Cashman doesnt have a clue who or what he is dealing with half the time because he is just a business man. We need a GM who knows baseball and bleeds pinstripes and has the same passion for the yankees as Theo does for the RedSox. Who wold you rather have? I WANT THAT DAMN 27TH TITLE!!!!!!!


Little Dustin, thats a perfect example of what Brian Cashman doesnt recognize and Theo would. Why because Theo is a natrual fan of baseball.

Update 2:

* Theo is natural fan *

Update 3:

* Theo is natural fan *

Update 4:

Jeffrey S are you questioning my yankee fandom?That constitutes a crime in my book. I bleed pinstripes and I only want whats best for the yankees and Cashman isn't whats best.

Update 5:

I do agree with your economic assessment though, Jeff

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    Im a Phillies fan ... so not crazy about NY or Boston ... but some of u are forgetting a few things in this debate ...

    ARod not being the right fit , He would of been with the Sox if the players union had allowed his contract to lose value ... the deal was done to trade him from Tex to Boston , then Cashman swooped in and grabbed him . So Theo wanted him but wasn't able to close the deal.

    Cashman ( with some help from Stick Michaels) put those pieces together to win 4 WS rings and Theo just 2 ... this is before Yankees were out spending everyone twice over ... And I think the salary thing get exaggerated ... sometimes the Yankees resign their own players to contracts that aren't even close to what any other team would ever offer them , they still want them and its kinda like a thanx for what u have done for the team in the past ... Sometime being loyal to vets on ur squad isn't the best business decision .

    Roger Clemens was on the downside of his career supposedly when he was let go by the Sox ... 3 more CYs later ... don't think that was a Theo deal , but Cashman was smart enough to bring him there the first time ... not so smart the second time around .

    Just my 2 cents .... looking for a repeat in the City of Brotherly Love ...

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    If you were a real Yankee fan, you would not be saying that Epstein is a genius and Cashman does not have a clue. They are one and the same.

    First, Little Dustin is wrong. The Brewers offered Sabathia $100 million, and he may have gotten as much as $120 from the Dodgers if he had waited. Yes, the Yankees outbid teams by $40-$50 million, but not $100 million like Little Dustin stated. That is just the type of exaggeration that Yankee haters use to drum up more hate and stir up anti-Yankee feelings among baseball fans.

    I am a Yankee fan too, and I will say that Cashman does not know how to find talent, and doesn't rely enough on his scouts like Gene Michael anymore, and I will admit that the Red Sox have done a better job at developing young players the last couple of years, but that may change if Hughes turns out go be good, and Joba keeps developing.

    Epstein is not any smarter than Cashman. He has a lot of money to spend as well. The Yankees have a high payroll, but the Red Sox have been second until last season. Epstein spent big bucks on Dice-K, and was only able to acquire Beckett only if he took on Lowell's big contract. Like the Yankees with Sabathia, the Red Sox overspent for the rights to Dice-K, by over $20 million.

    I have to disagree with you about Cashman not being a "fan". Why do you think that? Cashman played in high school, and would not be working in baseball if he did not have an interest in the game. I also think Cashman does "bleed pinstripes". Cashman's contract was up after '06, and '08, yet he chose to re-sign with the Yankees both times, when he certainly would have had offers from other teams. I think that shows loyalty. When the Red Sox won four years ago, Theo was upset that he didn't get a new contract and snuck out of Fenway disguised in a gorilla suit. Does that sound like genius to you? Or a little boy who didn't get his way?

    I would also like the Yankees to sign Texeira. But even they need to watch their payroll with the economy the way it is. Their biggest need was pitching and they addressed it in a big way. You also have to understand, they just got out from under Giambi's huge contract, and with A-Rod's long-term deal, they may not want to jump into another 8- 0r 10-year contract at $20 million a year. I still think that Cashman has hope for younger players, and he has held onto Cano, and has turned down deals for Hughes and Kennedy this offseason, even though they struggled last year. I want a 27th championship too, but I don't want them to overspend for it. That will just make Yankee haters even more hateful

  • Theo Epstein is better than Cashman. Theo has a better minor league system and has won 2 world series in the last 4 years while the Yankees have earned none.Their pitching staff is just plain better and the lineup of the Red Sox is younger and more dynamic. This is what Epstein has done that Cashman hasn't, turn money into wins with a good farm system in which Cashman surely hasn't done.

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    Theo Epstein is the best GM in baseball. He gets players who fit the teams "system," and just doesn't go out and get the best. The best is not always the best fit for the team.

    Examples: Dice-K fits the Sox like a "glove." But, AROD isn't the best for the Yankees, and CC Sabathia probably won't be either.

    Cashman only does what he's told to do, he's a good soldier,whereas Theo is a better general. Cashman wins the battles, but Theo's winning the wars.

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    Epstein. All Brian Cashman knows how to do is look at the previous season's stats and sign the person who did the best. Throwing money around is not a good way to invest.

    Look at what Epstein did last season, he signed Sean Casey, that if you ask me I thought was a waste of money, but no. Casey proved to be very valuable to the Red Sox considering the year Lowell had.

    Epstein has money and knows how to use it. Cashman is a complete idiot. If you were to replace Brian Cashman with a 14 year old kid, no one would notice the difference.

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    Theo Epstein, I'm sorry, but even though you did sign two great pitchers they did not deserve that kind of money. CC should've been around the 70-80mil range, but the Yankees gave him almost 100mil more than that and AJ Burnett only should have 50mil because he's so injured and has a high era. Another thing I like about Theo is he never gives in to an agent, as he's doing to Teixeira right now, he's not giving in to Boras' demands.

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    Theo for sure because Theo actually makes shrewd deals and clever signings that have paid off while Cashman's philosophy is to steal the Boss's wallet and spend about...HMM...$161 million before it magicially ends up back in Boss's pocket. Cashman spends TOO much money on guys who he THINKS are good, while Theo spends the RIGHT amount of money on guys who he KNOWS can contribute to the Red Sox on the field. Title no. 27 won't show up before (too much) Cashman is fired. Thank you very much.

  • Theo Epstein uses the farm system and trades its best players if its for the chemistry of the team. (won 2 WS btw)

    Brian Cashman - signs all these big name free agents.

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    Epstein. He is an amazing guy. He has made great deals and so many of the people he has signed have turned out great. Cashman had lots of money to begin with and is throwing it away like there is no tomorrow.

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    theo cause he gets good players that apport a good mood mood in the clubhouse and understand their role in order to win championship. that with a good staff and good fans make the sox a winning team in the last decade. also if trhe yanks continue with that philosophy of getting superstars they will not win cause you have to have a balance of stars and role players. Cause they not pursuit a common purpose they want individual records. sorry man but is the truth.

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