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What was the result of the payne-aldrich tariff of 1909 was to #1 raise tariff rates significantly #2 make ?

little change in the tariff rates or #3 lower tariff rates substantially. this question is in american history II

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    The bill greatly angered Progressives, who were beginning to stop supporting President William Howard Taft. The debate over the tariff split the Republican Party into Progressives and Old Guards and led the split party to lose the 1910 congressional election.[4] In the 1912 presidential elections, because of the split votes amongst Republicans in most states, Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson was elected as president.[5]

    The bill enacted an income tax on the privilege of conducting business as a corporation, which was affirmed in the Supreme Court decision, Flint v. Stone Tracy Co. (also known as the Corporation Tax case).

    By 1915, tobacco exports from The Philippines to America had annually increased as a result of the bill passing.[6]

    Source(s): wikipedia
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