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急急急 可以幫我翻ㄧ下這段話嗎??中翻英

以下這是穿著prada惡魔的心得 可以幫我中翻英嗎???

感謝英文好的專家~~ 謝謝啦!! 我很急 ~~~

可以照自己的意思翻 不用全部都是ㄧ樣的喔!!

看完Devil Wears Prada 的電影我覺得可以分為兩部份的心得:

andrea 是個直得學習的女生,ㄧ進入時尚界公司什麼都不懂,但他卻很努力的學習,為了自己的理想而不斷的努力,也忍受了折磨,就是想要達到自己的目標,也覺得自己ㄧ定可以做到的。

Miranda 是一個要求完美的老闆,外表給別人的感覺就是很難接觸很嚴厲的人,不過就是因為他這樣做事的態度要求完美才能創造事業的高峰。


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    After watching Devil Wears Prada's movie, I had come out with 2 conclusion:

    Andrea is a lady that worth learning from. She start from scratch in a fashion company, not knowing anything but she is willing to learn and work hard.She strive hard for her dream. Overcoming difficult and torture just to achieve her goal. She believe that she can make it.

    Miranda is a boss that demand perfectionist in work. He give people a feeling that he is stern and hard to get along. But because of his perfectinist attitude, he push his career to the peak.

    Last of all, I think people have different goal in life, just persist your believe and that is the bravest and genuineness of oneself.

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    hello, I want to know how to answer the prompt, because I can help you guys out, but I did not know where is the lick for answering.

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    After Devil Wears Prada, I think the film can be divided into two parts of the experience:

    andrea is a straight study girls, into the hot fashion companies do not understand anything, but he's very hard to learn, in order to keep their ideals and efforts, but also to endure the suffering that want to achieve their goals, they will also find Their reserve a certain can be done.

    Miranda is a perfectionist boss, looks to other people's feelings is very difficult to get a very strong person, but because he is such a perfectionist attitude to work in order to create the cause of the peak.

    I think everyone's ideals are different from our own convictions is the most courageous of the most authentic own. .

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