In a Japanese novel/book...?

For the Kanji, are they read by their くん or おん readings? Or does it depend on the sentence?

How would you recommend reading a Japanese book cause I have studied Japanese for 4 years. I tried reading a book but it took me an hour to get through the first page because of all the Kanji. Im Chinese but it is hard when I dont know how to say the Kanji. Vocab could also be a problem. もんだい...

Would you just say to take more classes or like iono.


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    Pick a book that has the readings already in there. Also choose a book you have read in English and have a copy of in English. You can understand tricky grammar and guess words if you have copies of both which saves time looking them up.

    Right now I am trying to get through the first Harry Potter book. It still takes me a long time to read even a single page, but it's fun.

    The Kanji are read according to the context, just like regular Japanese.

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